Untitled BotW Sequel in development!

  • Today during Nintendos E3 showing we got a first look at the upcoming direct sequel to Breath of the Wild!

    What do you think? How soon do you think we will get it. Let us know on the forums!

    I was reviewing the video at home and from my screenshot it kindof resembles Majora's Mask..a tad bit. Just my thought....Any speculations?

    Also it kind of resembles this symbol but with some extra flair....

    Let us know what you think by posting what you think on the forums!

  • I definitely think it is the Gerudo Symbol.
    Because of OoT I always think of the Moon and star as the Gerudo Crest, haha. It's been changed for decades now, I need to get over it. XD

    With your images, for me it is pretty clear that it is the shape of the Gerudo Crest with an added outline and details in the top and bottom shapes.

    Maybe the reasoning is that the symbol has gone through changes since it's been so many centuries in comparison to the past timelines.

    oh, and from that trailer some people think the corpse's jewelry are also sporting the Gerudo crest.

    You know, I never thought of comparing the Gerudo Crest with the Majora's Mask.
    That's actually quite interesting, since it would match it if it wasn't for the top side that gives a heart outline shape to the mask.