A stupid but cool idea

  • OK so here's something I've been wanting for a long time: play as Ganondorf. Hyrule Warriors lets me do that, and I loved it, but so far there has never been a male Gerudo who wasn't shown as being evil. Every few thousand years or so, one of these men become the King of Darkness, fight Link, yada yada. HOWEVER, it is stated that only a HUNDRED years passes between the birth of male Gerudo. Not every male Gerudo is Ganondorf, or the Gerudo would never live as comfortably as they do in BotW. They are cursed with birthing an evil king, but many only know because of stories passed down by generations. All that to say, they aren't an evil race in BotW.

    I have a theory that is probably totally wrong but I want to be right. 100 years before BotW, Ganondorf became Malice and shed his Gerudo body. His body remains under Hyrule Castle, we see in the trailer, preserved much like Link was, only not in youth. It is therefore entirely possible for another male Gerudo to have been born in those hundred years, without the Triforce of Power or the evil of Ganon. Possibly a sibling to Riju, the young Gerudo chieftain we meet in BotW, but as future King of the Gerudo this prince would be training impossibly hard to learn the techniques of magic and combat. I could see him being isolated in the desert with only his mentor and barely knowing the rest of the world. If a person like this was playable in BotW 2, trying to rid the world of the curse brought by the Gerudo, I would be immensely happy. Zelda looks like she could be playable, and this prince would be almost as hype as her. Story missions would have you swap between them, and outside there would be areas you could change out. They would have different types of weapons, and could each open different areas or do different quests, all in the same map. I think that this would make BotW 2 one of the best games of all time, especially if they work out a fun way to play differently between characters.

  • Hey MQ116, that is an interesting theory slash idea you got going there.

    The idea off playing with Ganondorf is not new in Zelda forums, I am sure more than a few would really like if something like that was done, haha. This being said, I find pretty neat that you would like to focus on a different male Gerudo that is not a King of Evil, but just like the rest of the Gerudo having to bear the stigma and trying to do his best to get rid of the curse. I definitely agree that the Gerudo are not all evil and it was pretty neat to get a glimpse of their lives, way of thinking and culture through Breath of the Wild.

    I really don't know what to expect of BotW2. I am not even sure if Zelda will be a playable character, though to be honest, I am kind of hoping that she will have some active role and taht it can feel like both are exploring and helping things. There's a part of me concerned that maybe the teaser marks the Prelude taht will separate us from Zelda again and we will have to find how to rescue her and I am really hoping I am wrong, because that girl has a lot of potential to keep kicking some more.

    With Zelda not beinga sure thing as a playable character, I find it really hard to imagine them bringing a third, unrevealed character into the mix. Then again, who knows? If you're right, you'll have this thread as proof you came up with it before it was revealed, hahaha.

    Honestly, even if it doesn't happen like that, maybe you could make a fanfic where you bring this Gerudo Prince to life and make him team up with Zelda and Link.

  • I think this would be alright....like what if....

    A Ganon-Demise reincarnation was the second one alive at one time, and was actually good, and HE fought and defeated the evil one. Earning the Triforce of courage along the way. That would be interesting.