King of Cards (Shovel Knight)

  • I just recently finished playing the fourth Shovel Knight campaign, "King of Cards," where you play as King Knight. It seems to be the most unique of the later campaigns, with much shorter levels that are entirely new aside from some of their art assets. Plus there's this whole game within a game with the Joustus cards.

    The moveset is a little awkward to get used to, but once I did I had loads of fun with it. The story also has some genuine pathos to it. King Knight is a character who could have had a lot of love in his life, but was too narrow minded in his ambition, and too selfish to accept the love he had around him. There's a scene near the end which intentionally mirrors one in the main Shovel Knight campaign, and it legitimately brought a tear to my eye.

    Enjoyed the hecc outta this, would be curious to know if any others have played.

  • The shovel knight was one of those games I've wanted to play but I never bought it or give it the attention it deserved.

    I still think from what I've seen is a pretty cool game, at least the original one. Which is the one I can recall, I think from the 3DS? Back when I was helping review games in another website. I feel like I did play that a good chunk of the game but I am not sure.

  • It was originally a PC game. I played the dickens out of it when it first came out in 2014, which is part of why I'm only now getting around to the additional campaigns. I beat the original 4 times in a row, and by the time they released Plague of Shadows I was just too burned out on the game to be interested.

    The original is a highly polished experience with loads of variety from level to level. Very close to being a perfect platformer, IMHO.