Let's talk about Impa

  • Impa has the ability of making up to six clones of herself, it's limited time but she can really pounce down harder enemies.
    I was "hearing" on twitter that some folks consider her to be over powered and they were expecting her to be nerfed.
    Do you think she is OP?

    But that aside, what do you think about her personality and looks?

    Does it changes your impression from BotW?

  • Does the game have player versus player battles? If not, why would it matter if one of the characters is OP?

    It doesn't. At most you can do local co-op. Having a powerful character is good to amass those kills. She's pretty fun to play. I don't think she is OP since her power doesn't really last for long and if you run out of enemies to fuel your power then that's it.

    As for why it would matter if she was OP. My guess is that Hyrule Warriors try to have different set of difficulty from where some the bonus experience and rewards depends together with how fast you are at clearing the mission. So having a character to breeze through would defeat the purpose for them and possibly make, for example, the farming for certain spoils to become way easier.

  • I suppose I understand what you mean, though TBH I prefer it when games aren't balanced too exactly.

    Honestly, I don't like a heavy hand on how one is supposed to play. if it is a solo game, who cares someone finds a loophole and wants to use it? If you want to breeze through to farm specific items or because you care only on the story and not so much in juicing every character, that shouldn't be a problem so long I am not affecting another's person gameplay without their consent.