Breath of the Wild 2 : E3 2021

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    I am not sure how it makes me feel but I am sure it is a lot of fuel for theories.

    I am glad that it is more than just a teaser and seems to simulate in-game gameplay. I am happy to see it is not just an expansion on Breath of the Wild, but also seems to carry its own mechanics, or at least, some tweaks to the ones we saw before.

    They give us a year, next year, and while it is disappointing not having it near the holiday season, I think it is probably for the best they don't give us a concrete date and let themselves have all that is left of this year and as many quarters as they need from the next one.

    Something I enjoying seeing was the bigger monsters and interesting combinations. In particular, I was fascinated with the Bokoblin tribe having what looked like a symbiotic relationship with another enemy from the first game. Their home is around the weak point of the Stone Talus, while the size of this one helps keep their base away from reach and mobile.

    Floating Castle is such a Ganondorf thing to do, haha. Hard to not think he'd be related to the sealed corpse with everything we've theorized so far, haha.