Zelda Fan Animations

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    Hey, AnimatorJC, welcome!!

    How are you doing?

    Only now I had a chance to sit and enjoy your animations. I like that you out attention to detail in their expressions.

    Nintendo no basket was pretty nice. I laughed at poor Link being thrown by the sheer force of the ball impact as Samus was scoring.

    The Raph versus Link was pretty nice choreography.

    The last one got me wondering if those two were models you created.

    So how long have you been studying animation?

    What apps you usually use for them?

    Do you have a process for coming up with them?

    I'm very happy you shared them with us!

  • Thanks. I've studied animation a long time ago, but I dropped it to do other things. This year I started animating as a hobby. I used free models for the Zelda animations and I used Maya 2022 (Indie). I just think about how I want the scene to go, than I just animate it.