Tears of the Kingdom: BotW2 name revealed!

  • After a good wait and many rumors finally a Nintendo Direct happened on September 13. Many of us watched it hoping will get some news on this new Zelda game, this time developed to run just in one console, the Nintendo Switch. We know Breath of the Wild had to make some compromises to make sure you wouldn't miss on substantial differences no matter which version you decided to get.

    It was nothing too long but there is some interesting details released here. For starters at least for now, we can feel tranquil that the game has been developing without any major hiccups, based on how the release date they gave us now (March 12th, 2023) aligns with the estimate they gave us (Spring 2023).

    Secondly: The name of the game. We got an interesting name: Tears of the Kingdom.

    Its possible implications are thought provoking. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    The appearance of the Master Sword in the logo. Complementing with the strange state we saw it on the trailer, this logo seems to imply that this aspect is not something that will be reversed during the game, and yet, it will still prove a useful and important item. Definitely intrigued if the "blade" will have a special use or purpose.

    Here's the trailer:

    So what are your thoughts?

    Are you happy with the name?


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