What do you think about the BotW2 name reveal?

  • Before anything, I apologize I haven't adjusted the name of this area. I had an error pop up when I tried. I'll try again when I have a proper chance to sit down and experiment. (@_@)

    Anyway, onto the topic:

    Tears of the Kingdom

    That's a very interesting choice for a name. There are two things that get my attention.

    First is "The Kingdom".

    The last game, Breath of the Wild, took place within the corners of the Kingdom of Hyrule. If I remember correctly, this game logo in the Japanese language decided to claim back the title from the very first game where instead "Hyrule Fantasy" was the title and "The Legend of Zelda" the sub title. So for people who are not familiar with the Zelda lore outside this title, there's only one Kingdom you can think about. The title could have easily been "Tears of A Kingdom" so having is as "The Kingdom" reenforces said idea.

    It begs the question of why not use "Hyrule" rather than the word Kingdom. Other than "tears of Hyrule" might not roll as nicely or intriguing I can think of another scenario: "The Kingdom" is going to turn out to be both important in the game and not Hyrule. As it stands, it's been a hundred years since the cataclysm and a proper Kingdom ruling over. Hyrule has been without a free ruler with Ganon being held back by Princess (should I say Queen?) Zelda. And we see that we'll be threading in new territory above the land, so maybe the title's Kingdom will be related to that.

    Secondly, "Tears".

    It really makes me wonder if we'll be in to have more tragic moments coming through or if it is a metaphor about regrets. Similar to how we find Ikana in Majora's Mask. It makes me wonder if we'll come in contact with the ruins of a Kingdom, which I guess circles back to how I find interesting .

    Out of that, I think I like the name. Not as hard to get used to as other names reveals though I'll always have a soft spot for names being related to the items and people's Titles, but hey, who's not to say that the tears of the Kingdom is a title for one of the new abilities or something.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

    Any ideas for the choice of a name?