• I have some cheap software and a weak PC as well as a strange and somewhat warped taste in music. I enjoy nightcore which for those of you who don't know what nightcore is it is a type of remix applied to music, usually done when changing the speed and pitch by about +20-30%. I like to fiddle with songs and different genres and all else so that I get much different types of music that actually comes out. I've been pretty slow with it lately and I lost my archive so if anyone wants to request something let me know and I'll see what I can do, though I don't usually stick to the normal nightcore recipe I'll post the details with the song so you can critique it to your liking.

    Really I don't have anywhere to go with these nightcore songs so I was thinking of just setting up a server and filling it with some nightcore and sharing it on my tumblr. But then I recalled another strange pastime that I and other weaboos tend to enjoy, AMVs(Anime Music Video) if you want an example type in the name of a band and an anime and "AMV" into the search query on youtube and pick one, obviously some are directed better than others, but you get the idea. So if anyone would want to team up or suggest some material for an AMV let me know and maybe you can help :D .... or not whatever's cool XD