Important Splatoon Announcement

  • Okay. Getting a better scope of the situation through Squid Boards where it seem the whole thing originated with an user reporting it. It seems like it is just one person (or at most a very few of them) doing this. So it is not very likely to encounter this.

    Secondly, I was wrong in my first post, you totally can see the octoling.


    Go to 5:22 for the good stuff.
    I am the only one who can do this right now, until Nintendo implements it properly for everybody.
    No hacks means no hacks, it works on any console that you're able to copy it to, and it will work /without modification/. The game has no way to set it yet, so I do it manually. I swear, sometimes you people will argue over anything.

    Didn't get proper footage from last time, so here's a whole bunch of stuff. They seem to have not finished separating everything out yet, since it glitches with the eyes still. Everything else works great, though

    Nikki's a modder and apparently the person that came with the change of value to get the octoling skin, but she only plays private matches with consent of people. She doesn't condone the hack ruining online matches and was of the first to warn through twitter when the thread warning of the attack came around.

    Third at this point one innocent person got banned from Miiverse when it was targeted and fitted the name profile (Starts with K and has a bunch of numbers).At this point the thread on the boards are even turning against the OP with suspicion. Since everything seems to have come from this thread, there is the possibility that if this first victim actually made the whole thing up. It has just been hysteria that spread like wild fire and went too far. For what it's worth, OP still holds it happened and did not take a picture because it wasn't counting with the game freezing in the plaza.