• Hey guys. So chances are that you have heard of the file transfer protocol known as torrenting or BitTorrent. This as a disclaimer is totally legal in every way possible, so only copyrighted files transfer of them and ownership is the only shady aspect. But since youtube has for the longest time been the home of let's players(users playing video games with commentary), nintendo has grown extremely retarded. Since video games are copyrighted material as for their sprites, models, soundtracks and so on. But when you add commentary to the mix it is perfectly legal not to mention making videos of a video game is also PERFECTLY legal. But nintendo has for some reason begun taking down videos which in turn is actually depleting their fanbase which is quite the show, also the main reason the WiiU hasn't really taken off.

    So since it is totally legal and youtube is too weak to care when it comes to nintendo as well as too big to say no. More and more good let's plays are being wrongfully taken down from youtube which interestingly enough a creepypasta reader focused on because one of his videos were taken down for having Mario in the name... Mario is a f*$@*g italian NAME, but (the american branch of) nintendo thinks they own it. I say american branch because it is NINTENDO of America that is making these ridiculous notices.

    So now that the minor ranting is out of the way back to the topic at hand. I started this site and set it up and styled it and what have you. So for the time being I'm looking into joining some cousins and doing let's plays but I figured I'd go ahead and try out a little on my own. For the time being not having a streaming branch of it makes it pretty lame but I dunno I usually tend to download youtube videos instead of streaming to reduce lag and so that I can share it easier. Because me and may friends usually get on an airgapped pc and swap files when we get bored.

    Not to mention torrents make for a simpler more secure and controlled environment for file delivery. If you guys want I am going to leave the site for open signups right now but I don't have any uploaders including myself. SO if anyone wants to signup it's free and I'm not making money off of it, if you want to help or whatever PM me or sign up and pm me on the other site.

    CatTorrents Tracker Signup

    I want to start doing some let's plays so I figured that I will take three games from three different consoles(all before gamecube because my PC blows) and try to do a let's play on each of them at the same time releasing them once a week. I was initially thinking GBA, SNES, and some other console that wasn't made by nintendo like an arcade game or an atari game or something like that. I don't want it to be a place for let's players like pewdiepie as much as I do for let's players who actually complete the entire game in a moderate number of episodes, such as blitzwinger, or GaLm.

    What is ya'll's opinion on this? Is it ridiculous, why not, you in? Let me know. For the time being this is just a what the heck why not kind of thing for me so check it out and you guys decide if it has potential. Also if you want to seed the full version of the site you have to login, that's just how I have it to keep bots out and save bandwidth and etc.

    EDIT 10/1/2015: I've written up a tutorial on how to upload to the site so check this out too if you're interested :D How to Upload and Seed to CatTor

  • Ok that's fine but legally as long as there's commentary nintendo doesn't really have any grounds to make a takendown, on top of that the WiiU is failing cause no one can play nintendo stuff on youtube anymore. When you think about it let's plays are pretty much commercials for consoles and games, so when nintendo (of america) decided to start with these notices they basically hung themselves as a company, I don't see nintendo living much longer if this keeps up. On top of that that's why sony's making a comback too because they're doing the opposite of nintendo.

  • Seeing that YouTube is protected under the Bill of Rights, as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Nintendo honestly dosn't have a right to take down footage of something, just because it's "their game" or "their creation". If you want to get very technical about it, it's really the producer of the footage's creation, not Nintendo's.

    See, many people, which includes Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, PurpleRodri, and so on. They all record video games onto the internet. The Internet is a world wide phenomena and can not be controlled or censored. So, clearly if Nintendo trying to do this is completely in violation of American citizen's rights.

    At this moment in time, I suppose Nintendo does have the right to take down downloadable content of DLC characters, ROMS, and Emulators. But what they do not have the right to take down, is the creation of someone else's video that has their own content alongside Nintendo's game.

  • Exactly they went to such an extent as ordering the takedowns of creepypastas featuring mario fan art and the word mario in the title. The strange thing is though is that the american branch of nintendo is doing this which is somewhat unsettling.

    Creepypastas are fan made content, they can't take it down just because it has the word "Mario" in it. That's just outrageous.