Anyone from the EU Region to play Tri Force Heroes?

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    Use this thread to organize quests, find other players, etc.

    To make things easier, copy and fill in your reply:

    3DS FC:
    Time zone:

    Just skip/delete the fields you're not comfortable sharing in public.

    I have the game and I was hoping I can find other players from the same region to go on adventures. :^o^:
    NNID: Kaynil
    3DS FC: 1848-2038-9377
    Location: Australia
    Time zone: GMT+10

  • Wait, Australia is considered in the EU region?

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    Wait, Australia is considered in the EU region?

    Australia is part of Oceania, so it is not part of the EU Region.

    However Nintendo puts oceania with the rest of the EU region. I think it started because of PAL. It can also be because we're not enough consumers and find easy to just pass over whatever they release for EU.