Venture Turning Into Sprite Flash

  • Yeah, I've decided to turn this story into a sprite flash animation. Problem is, I have no idea how to do so, so we'll have to wait until I finish my Digital Arts class for me to start working on it. If anyone has any tips on sprite animation, I would greatly appreciate it. I may be able to start this project earlier with a little help. The reason for me doing this is because I think the presentation will be much better if it was in flash, and not a written story.

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  • Fair enough. Rarely you find you finish a project and it looks exactly the way you envisioned it at the very beginning.
    Get your school stuff sorted, keep collecting ideas and tutorials and good luck!

    @Cressel used to do stick figure animations through Pivot. It is not the same but maybe you can find some pointers.


  • There aren't much pointers you can give about sprite animation, since the animating is already done you just put action together with whatever animations you have at hand.

    I'd say the common tool for sprite animating is Flash so you could use that.

    Don't wait, grab the program and start messing around with it.

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