Do you use social apps?

  • I use Trillian for Google, AIM, YIM and facebook contacts.
    I have an skype account but I usually just use the browser application in my live mail. Skype has become a way too heavy program to run so I don't really like it.
    People contact me mostly with Facebook. Google Plus next.

    On my Mobile I also have whatsapp, since we have a group for the spanish forum.

  • I don't use Facebook. I'm one of the many current-day teens who leave Facebook. Also, my step-mom won't let me have Kik or Vine. =-=

    I use Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and Steam, if that counts. Does Reddit count too?

    That's pretty much all that I use.

  • I don't have a smartphone, so a lot of this stuff isn't really aimed at me.

    I've never had a facebook account (though I was actually in college back when you had to have a college email address to get an account.)

    I usually keep AIM running, but nobody really uses that anymore.

    Really, aside from forums, the only social networking I do is through google+, and maybe Steam.

  • Around a year ago I decided to completely delete my Facebook profile. I was spending way too much time on there reading, checking, liking and just lurking. It occurred to me that I was kind of addicted to it in a weird way. Like, I would automatically grab my phone to read what new updates other people had posted every couple of hours. Whenever I realized just how much time I spent on there, and Facebook changed its privacy policy again, I decided to delete the profile altogether. Now people think I'm weird for not having a Facebook profile, lol.

    Other than that I go on Youtube, WhatsApp... and that's about it.

  • It is how LS said. Compared to the way IM used to be Skype is needlessly heavy and yet limited.

    Skype always seemed a money grabber to me, back then you could call normal lines paying some money. otehr than the good Call quality as a IM was pretty limited. After Microsoft bought Skype and decided to close MSN, it never really tried to merge the good things from it. Now Skype is still video-call oriented.

    I just want a quick way to chat with friends. I dislike the idea of just being called without confirmation of availability. Back then people asked your permission before calling, now people just feel like calling you straight up without even saying hi. It is like using Skype implies you're up and comfortable handling calls, which is not my case. Unfortunately most of my friends use Skype.

    Trillian is the closest to a universal application to handle phone and computer chatting needs.

    sorry about the rant.

  • I have no idea what IM and Trillian are, but I find Skype to be rather lightweight and very convenient for most of my needs as far as keeping in touch with people is concerned. You can just have your status on 'busy' if you don't want to receive calls.

    Hey, if you like it and it works for you that is good, keep with it. As for me, I can't put myself in busy on my mobile but I keep invisible there, unless Skype randomly changes me to online. I've had people trying to call me like at 4 am. :lol:
    That said putting myself in busy also means I don't get sound sor nnotifications so even if people tries to text me I'll probably won't notice in time.

    IM = Instant Message or Instant messenger.
    Any software that allows you exchange messages quickly in real time can be called an IM.
    For example AIM (Aol's IM and YIM, Yahoo's)

    Trillian is a cross-protocol Messenger application that allows you to sign in to different accounts at the same time. So through Trillian I am online in facebook Messenger, YIM, AIM and other IM protocols. Trillian is old and it looks outdated and to be honest I installed it rather recently. So don't worry too much about it.

  • Lately, I've been using skype mostly with the web/browser version on my desktop.
    That aside still on discord and whatsapp.
    I uninstalled Trillian. It was getting too buggy.

    EDIT: Checked it out. Turns out I actually tried it months ago.

    It's okay. The interface is a little weird, and sometimes the audio would stop working for no discernible reason. But with a little work it could be perfectly serviceable.

    We ought to get you into our discord group sometime. :P