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    The encyclopedia is to be used for things regarded as facts, those things that have been explicitly confirmed or that serve to illustrate better those given points. If you want to make a thread to speculate or make thought provoking points I recommend you to create your thread in area for Theories instead.

    Within the Zelda universe sometimes it is difficult to separate what counts as canon and what doesn't, because even Nintendo has contradicted themselves during the passage of time with their declarations. Ten years ago their website implied only one Link. The Manga series approved by them have some elements differing from the games, and so on.

    Here are some pointers though:
    - What happens in-game has a stronger impact that what another source, including the ones approved by Nintendo say (unless they explicitly address the incongruence and are defining theirs as the true one).
    For instance if the game says link is 12 and Miyamoto says he's 10, we'll have to go with the game data, unless Miyamoto says that the game age was a mistake and he seems 10 years as a more appropriate age.

    - Zelda mangas and comics are usually not counted as Canon. As much as they make sense of certain things the game doesn't explain, they do conflict in other areas and can be at best be considered "fanon". Explanations we as fans are happy to incorporate for our understanding but with little support within the game.
    For example, OoT Manga have Sheik pretending to work for Ganondorf and Zelda locking her memories of her true identity for the time being. While some people are happy accepting this, there is nothing in the game that gives a clue of Zelda not having self awareness as Sheik as opposed to being a disguise or that Sheik and Ganondorf were ever in contact.

    You can also make threads to report on happenings that have affected the Zelda franchise and its fans. For example, while a thread on Jadusable's creepypasta won't fit here, an article explaining the impact said creepypasta had in bringing Majora's Mask back and the personification of the "Ben" character.

    Alright, thanks for reading!

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