[YT] Isabelle Ruins Everything

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    I've never seen Animal Crossing, so the comedy here is hit and miss for me. But the animation is pretty damn impressive for a single animator working alone. Hot damn.

    I think even with the context the funny element would be hit and miss. However it is not often I find a good flash argument on it. This person drew several of the real residents you can have in your town, tied the Villager called to Smash trailer and gave Isabelle an interesting flaw without being unthinkable. There are many AC details like the emotions you can use and see in the game.

    In New Leaf You are the Mayor that walks into the City Hall. Isabelle is your assistant. Everytime you boot the game she 'talks' with you through the game options to start or edit something before starting your file. If you take a while before visiting again your town after the game loads your file she'd say that she filled into your shoes while you were away. So this flash is just a funny take on what would she do on her own.