All Tri Force Heroes of America

  • So, this is the thing, everyone who had play TFH may had problems with the unknow heroes and beat the game with the dolls... that is not that enjoyable... so a few days ago I thought about if there might be an discord server for everyone who is searching for play the game with people who... really wants to play... so... if there's any server like that I decided to make it by myself... and will be free to everyone who wants to play that way. And of course chat and talk meanwhile playing :vio:.

    So, finally this is the link, it's unlimited so share it to everyone who wants to make team set-ups and chat and talk... there are a little bit of groups now but when I see the necessity of making more I will :^_~:

    Yes, yes, I know, the Link, here it is:

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    Not to minimise your effort but since your serves is lonely as mine was (I deleted it).
    Today I dived into reddit and found this one:

    It has rooms for different region and some people on it.
    I'll try to click for the European Region. :^o^:

    I hope it can be of use for you.