Super Mario RPG Legend of Seven Stars is 20 years old

  • 20 years ago, March 9th, 1996, Super Mario RPG Legend of Seven Stars was released for the SNES.

    Many gamers regard it as Nintendo's best RPG game to date. Venturebeat and Kotaku celebrate Super Mario RPG Legend of Seven Stars's 20th anniversary by trying to explain why the RPG series has gone down a... less RPG road.…turns-20-years-old-today/…ived-up-to-sup-1763855052

    Have you played this game? What is your opinion about it?

  • Happy Birthday!

    I have heard a lot of this game and to be honest I mostly know it because of the Link cameo sleeping in a hotel room than anything else. I knew it was considered a good game but I ignored just how much of a high reputation it actually receives.
    I think it is like with some old tunes, we all have heard them at some point and we don't realise how much the present might have been molded by it. It definitely was an impressive title during its time and going by your links, the title taht basically shaped the characters personalities.

    This serves mostly as an excuse to dream, but now that Cloud is in Smash, it begs to consider the notion as that things have been patching up between Square-Enix and Nintendo and if there is to be a proper sequel for this title, it would be great if it was again a shared effort like the original game.