A Legend of Zelda Flash Animation!

  • Hey zelda fans! I was just hoping you would check out our Legend of Zelda flash animation parody of a Link to the Past! Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

    Voice of Link: SuperKaiokenX

    Voice of Zelda: Staci Murphy

    Voice of Link's Uncle: MegaFanDubsMost

    Animations: Jessica Bridgette

    Written, directed, music, and some animations: Me :)

  • Hey, practice makes perfect. :D
    It is pretty cool your wife is helping you with the project.
    Also having a stable voice actor for Link sounds very good.

    It is understandable that sometimes life takes you from things like this.
    I am sure we can wait for when you all feel ready.
    Thanks for confirming that the desire to make more is there.

    I hope you do come and visit us from time to time.