Avoid this Anime: Tell us which ones suck!

  • For me it has to be Peach Girl. Now it doesn't suck. I haven't watch too many bad animes I can clearly recall, so this one, which is not horrid, will have to do.
    I went into the anime Peach Girl because I found some of the manga on a library and read it kill time. It seemed different to other Shojos. Sure high school soap opera plot is not new but two things I found refreshing: Momo, the protagonist seemed like an actual good role model with her self-reassurance and taking the crappy days as they came and two: those crappy days. Momo skin is prone to darken with a few hours under the sun. Since hookers and other bimbos tan themselves, Momo is often pre-judged on her appearance. The manga was not afraid of going a bit darker than usual regarding how far some people can go out of jealousy, Momo wakes in the apartment of a Model that assures that broke her virginity, thrust a pencil to scape a different perpetrator later in the series and has a "friend" turning people against her. It is still centered into the love-triangles and classy soapy cliches to create tension. Heck, that first time a condom is planted in a wallet to make it appear in context the guy was cheating on her.

    An anime with that crazy stuff of that sounded like a pretty cool thing to watch... I was underwhelmed. They were afraid and changed many things to tone it down. Without this elements it became just another average high school soap opera. Mind, the villain is quite good at making you hate her and there are some genuinely touching moments but it also helped me realized that Momo was not what I thought she was. I haven't picked again the manga but I believe a lot of the dumb stuff that is aw in the anime was in accordance to the manga, including petty arguments out of jealousy and even putting her own life in danger in ways taht pretty much reminded me of twilight protagonist.

    Another thing to add was that after watching it in English I found a Spanish (albeit Iberic and not my accent) dub that seemed to flow better for me, so it could be that the voices in the english dub could also have had to do with my diminished enjoyment. I dunno if the original language works better. Anyway, like I said, it is not a bad anime, I don't want to be unfair and other than toned down the events it does follow the manga. If you like shojo and soap operas this one may actually have something nice for you, but I still would recommend the manga over the anime any day.

  • Gintama.
    It's the very first anime that I dropped half-way.
    I don't know what's so funny about picking nose, or missing the toilet paper and other vulgar jokes but I really hate this anime.
    If someone think it's funny, then I would ask them to see kyou kara ore wa anime, before saying that line again.

  • This is very interesting. I've seen so far only positive reactions t the point I was considering watching Gintama. So, it is not a good story or compelling characters in it? Is it just vulgar humour what has boosted it so much?

    I didn't get a notification for this post :(
    Anyway, if you are into decent anime, you will hate this anime just like me kaynil.
    Still, take a look at it just to make sure, what's it got to offer.