Putting the Zelda game sections according to the timeline?

  • How should we group our Zelda Game sections? 0

    1. Keep it as it is. Inside the console subforum (0) 0%
    2. Bring each game at the front (Like Caverna de Zelda) (0) 0%
    3. Divide it by Timeline (0) 0%
    4. Something else / in between (0) 0%

    So, an old complain I can recall is the way we have the Zelda games sections, which some people find tedious. In the Spanish side of the community, a long while ago we discussed the possibility of putting some games together but trying to still try to make it something more original than the classic portable, retro, newer game approach many forums have.

    In the Spanish side of the community, we have each Zelda game straight in the index, in order of release. This makes them easy to spot and makes most of the index Zelda related. However, this also showcases the disproportional amount of discussion according to the games and as more games get released it will only grow longer and longer.

    Anyway, the idea if we go by timeline is creating four sections:
    one for the Pre-OoT games
    One for the Fallen hero
    One for the Adult Hero
    One for the Young hero

    ...hmm... where could we place BotW? :XD:

    Anyway, the names would be taken from Hyrule Historia, not this ones I am typing at 3 am. Hahah.
    I am open and eager for ideas. Thank you!

    The games themselves in each section could be separated with prefixes. :)