New Switch system update

  • As you can corroborate from their official website, a few days ago the Nintendo Switch got updated to version 4. While there have been other updates before, this one has brought a very welcome feature: Now we can record video footage.

    Admittedly, it is pretty basic. You can only record up to 30 seconds and the recording quality is pretty low. Considering that with the Wii U we could share full clips on Youtube, it is kind of disappointing it is not even an option.

    We also got new icons to choose for your account, including six from Breath of the Wild.

    According to there are more new features, including one that hasn't been explicitly mentioned in the update notes, which is support for the USB devices through the dock of the console, such as wireless headphones. Other changes:

    ■ Now you can transfer your user and save data (including eShop purchases) from one switch to another, so if you are sharing, buying a system for you doesn't mean you have to start over.

    ■ Pre-purchase option so you can avoid the download congestion and have your game already downloaded to your console and ready to play as soon as it reaches the release date.

    ■ Cosmetic changes to the News channel and fixing the bug where the unfollowed content was still being displayed on the news screen.

    What did you guys think of the update?