Grezzo could be working on another Zelda

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    I found out from Nintendo Enthusiast blog that Grezzo posted a very interesting hiring advert. Inside it they included the line "Would you like to make a legend together? 2"

    That two is no mistake. Some years ago after Ocarina of Time 3D was revealed they posted a similar hiring notice with the same invitation. As you can imagine, that legend they hinted turned out to be the remake of Majora's Mask. So today's number two is to ensure is not that same old project. I hope now it makes sense that fishing this line on their notice has sent the gaming outlets to speculate about the possible new Zelda project they could be involved into.

    I actually tried to get to their website notice directly but although I found, according to google translate, "urgent hiting" page the logo with what I am assuming is the legendary question is an image so I can't rely on a tranlator directl. Still if you can see the japanese spelling for legend,, then we can pretty much assume this is it. You too can have a browse yourselves to Grezzo's website.

    screenshot of Greezo's hiring notice

    At this time Nintendo hasn't confirmed or denied the possibility.

    What game would you like to see remade?
    Do you think it'll be for the switch or the 3DS?
    Do you even think it is a remake or do you think there is room to consider this could be a brand new Zelda project?

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    Can't blame you, I'd do the same as well. Of course, I would love if the games I bought post-NNID somehow were made re-downloadable without paying again. In a way right now my 3DS has many of the past Zelda games and I kind of regret I didn't get Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the Wii U so I am kind of hoping they will be on the switch.

    Hopefully it is porting OoT and MM to Switch

    I hadn't even thought of that possibility. yeah, it'd be great having OoT and MM on the Switch.

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    They dont necessarily have to have 3D, but I would love the remastered editions.

    I also want my damn Wind Waker HD and TP HD, I only own them twice already.

    A third WW if you count my GC Version
    And Four times on TP if you count my GC and Wii versions
    People will buy them on principle alone, because they love Zelda. BUT I think Nintendo needs to give digital owners a free or heavily discounted upgrade for WW and TP since, TP HD was released right before the death of the console and we bought it still