Petition for Nintendo to port BotW to PC

  • Our forum member Toxinz1181 has come to us with a petition to Nintendo that he's been trying to spread around, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt share it here.

    Screenshot of the petition of Nintendo to port BotW to PC

    The petition is quite simple, for Nintendo to make an official port of the game to PC. Perhaps your first reaction might be "but BotW is already available for PC... if you know where to look". However, the idea here is to convince Nintendo to do a legal port. There's no denying BotW has gotten the attention of many and we have seen already many interesting 'projects' related to it. Having Nintendo embracing the community and perhaps even bringing themselves some tools to personalise the experience would be an unprecedented bold move from the company but to see something like this it would take to see a huge demand for it, and bringing Nintendo's attention to the benefits that such a decision could bring them. Nintendo has always been keeping their IPs to the consoles, but recently we have seen them loosening up to the mobile market, so who knows? they might be more receptive now.

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    I definitely find it a very interesting topic to discuss, regardless if you think it will benefit Nintendo's reputation or that they would damage their sales.

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