Watch Kaynil play and beat Skyward Sword

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    You said it! I am not giving up on finishing this game so I shall continue with stream, but this time I will try to use to see if I can restream it on Zelda Cavern's youtube channel and my twitch. I am not expecting much given the lack of time to let you know I wanted to stream again. I will try the once a week approach but I can't say in advance what day or time, things are just unpredictable lately.

    Anyway, Episode 006 is coming in a hour or so...
    You can use twitch, youtube or even our discord live-chat channel to interact during the stream.


    @Link I should be able to restream this one into Zelda Cavern's youtube channel as well:…pOghixcy9lgq34rBGRQQ/live

    ADDED: Toook 3 hours. Sorry. I got carried away trying to beat the dungeon. :^^U:

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    Hello everybody, guess who started over and is once again streaming Skyward Sword (This time HD)?

    Yup. You're still stuck with me!! ^^

    I've had a hard time with a few things in real life, I know there's always something. However I've tried to be consistent with these streams.

    I am again using to be able to do multiple streaming. In this case Zelda Cavern's youtube channel and my channel.

    I'm trying to keep these streams between 1 and 2 hours top, so they are easier to digest.

    Zelda Cavern youtube:

    My twitch:

    So far we got:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:


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    Part 3:

    Outstanding. Maybe I should hook my mic up and give additional commentary while you are streaming.

    Heck, yeah. That would be fun.

    We could use discord.

    I'm trying to stream Thursday 12pm AEST. Next week I have a morning shift so I'd have to stream an hour or two after.

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    UPDATE: Ugh. So sorry guys. My game capture is acting up yet again. I am not sure why is it being so difficult for me to get it to process the input and display it today. It handn't given me trouble in the last two months, and @Sardonic Pickle's advice to switch to OBS and check the settings usually did the trick, but not today.

    I have some save-ups, so I am considering getting a new game capture. I'll try again tomorrow.

    Sorry guys, yesterday I had a work shift. Today I am free so we can give it a proper go. I'm thinking of starting in between half an hour to one hour from now. I just need to finish setting up and checking on a few things.

    Same platforms: Youtube…pOghixcy9lgq34rBGRQQ/live

    and Twitch. (kaynil)

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    So my console is overheating so much. Twice now I tried with different games to see if it'd stand a proper stream and it ended up shutting down. So for now, I don't have a working switch. I could spend a bit on a fan and try to repair it myself, but right now the most viable thing to do is to wait for the OLED switch to come out and just switch the console. If I'm going to spend on a new console, might as well upgrade it. I am not completely satisfied with the way Nintendo has been handling some things but I'll be fooling myself if I said I am not enjoying the games on the console.

    Until then, I won't be continuing the stream. On the bright side, I might return with working joycons and do the stream the proper way with camera so you see my clumsy movements and stuff, haha.

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    What happened to your switch? Overuse? Abuse? This sucks to go through.

    I'm not sure what I'd classify this as the culprit, it's not like I dropped it from high heights nor treated it differently to past consoles. So I don't feel like I abused it. I cleaned it, had their carrier and had the protection screen from day one.

    As for overuse, definitely my sessions ate not as constant as they used to be, but when I'm into a game, I can easily stay playing up to around 4 hours in one sitting the one day I play with it, if my streaming is anything to go by... Which still feels pretty tame, compared just a few years prior with my 3DS, I clearly recall how in at least one occassion I pretty much gave up sleep and was glued to the console for near three days over a demo, haha.

    Yeah, it sucks. I'm just glad I won't have to wait as long.