Let's Play: Breath of the Wild

  • Part 1:
    The Great Plateau Intro....

    Please forgive a few problems I had, I started playing with the Joycons, and decided I wanted to use my Switch Pro Controller, and I thought that I paused my recording so it took about a minute while paused as I had to hook up the controller to the switch dock to pair it.

    Part 2:
    Getting to Kakariko Village, Tower, Shrines, and Great Fairy Fountain

    This whole hour went well, except a darn Korok Seed I couldn't get. SO I marked it on my map and gave up.

    Part 3:
    Going to Hateno, Unlocking the camera, Hateno Tower, Shrines, and Champions Tunic

    I didn't do as many shrines on this one as I had in the past. I did get the Champions Tunic, 1 memory and a few clothing upgrades though. Check it out.

    Part 4:
    Was originally going to go to the Zora's Domain, BUT I got sidetracked, got 4 shrines, the Woodland Tower and Navigated the Lost Woods early (so we can nab the Master Sword when ready), First video of mine with Audio and Video of me so do not judge me.

    Part 5:
    Was going to Do all of Zora's Domain and Vah Ruta bleh. But I got sidetracked on shrines and also got the Akkala Tower, then I got to Zora's Domain

    Part 6:
    Completing Vah Ruta, and beating Waterblight Ganon

    Part 6.5:
    Just redeeming Amiibos (nothing important here)

    Part 7:
    Shrines, Shrines, Shrines, Shrines, Master Sword