Next Zelda Project for Switch

  • What do you think will be the next Zelda title on the Switch (Excluding Hyrule Warriors) 4

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    I just wanted to get an input from the members of the community and see what they saw as the next Zelda title on the nintendo switch.

  • I think they'll go the lazy way, to be honest. Out of the list, I think something like Twilight Princess or The Wind Waker HD would be strong candidates, as other than adapting the controllers they got it remade not long ago and a lot of people that were holding out for their Wii U are considering to get a switch now, so having the Zelda titles you can play on your Wii U (including Skyward Sword through its wii virtual console) on the switch would be tempting, especially if they add a little extra.

    If the don't go extra lazy, I can definitely see them starting with a Skyward Sword HD project.

    This might more me than a good strategy but I hope that once they actually feel confident to drop the 3DS, their OoT and MM versions will make it to the switch. I know some people really want to see changes more akin to what the Spyro collection is doing and remaster in exquisite HD detail like some unreal engine fan projects and I doubt people would oppose this if Nintendo decided to do it.

  • I would very much like to see Skyward Sword remade to no longer require motion controls, but that's probably a pipe dream.

    Aside from remakes (because I always want to play every Zelda game on every platform), I would also like to see a brand new 2D Zelda game that uses some of the open world ideas from Breath of the Wild. I think they could build a huge open world in 2D and breath some new life into that genre as well.

  • I honestly think they would probably just adapt the motions to the joycons. It would be neat to leave the motion controls optional though, as it is clear many people felt that it detracted from the experience rather than enhance it.

    That said, motion were never much of a problem as myself panicking and becoming useless with them. And flying the bird, everyone makes it look like a breeze.

  • The English phrases to Spanish on the spanish woltlab? You know the whole pm I sent you with a link to the test install and gave you directions to get to the phrases. That you said youd start today lol

  • The English phrases to Spanish on the spanish woltlab? You know the whole pm I sent you with a link to the test install and gave you directions to get to the phrases. That you said youd start today lol

    Ah, right. I wasn't sure if it was that or the forum in spanish categories from a while ago what you meant.

  • I honestly think they would probably just adapt the motions to the joycons.

    That would be pretty interesting... I wouldn't mind it so much, but the Wiimotes are just the most fatiguing experience ever after a while. I disliked TP so much due to how much the game relied on you sitting close to the TV holding your arms out. Either no motion controls at all, or joycons would be excellent. I also didn't finish SS due to the fatiguing aspect, lol. I don't know, I just lose interest if it's an effort to play a game. I guess I better never get VR. :P

    I think SS HD will be next on their list, though I'm hoping for WW and TP remakes to get ported since they're so new and they seem to be porting many of their other Wii U games. They must realize it's a goldmine to continue to bring Zelda titles to each next gen.

  • I never had an issue with Skyward Sword's motion controls when I was playing through the game originally. On subsequent playthroughs, I ran into a few problems with things like rolling bombs. But, in general, the biggest problem is simply that I don't want to do it anymore. I like how motion controls enhanced aiming in Breath of the Wild, or how they were used for little puzzles here-and-there, but I'm just done with motion controls as the primary method of controlling a game.

    I think Skyward Sword could be reworked to use an analog stick for swinging the sword. Some other games have already done similar things. Otherwise, they could automated some of it. That is, let me opt-in to a motion-free "casual mode" version of the game where the computer just figures out which way I need to swing. Some people would probably complain about dumbing down the experience, but I would rather just have fun playing and not need to deal with the motion controls. I think they could maintain some of the challenge by just re-implementing the Z-targeting combat from the previous games and making sure that players correctly choose a vertical attack, horizontal attack, or stab, and then let the computer figure out the exact direction it should be.

    Alternatively, they could just rework the enemy AI and puzzles to not require anything more complex than vertical, horizontal, and stab, but I think that would be more effort for the developers.

  • I am very intrigued to see how will Nintendo tackle this if they decide to remaster Skyward Sword.

    That said, I noticed they mentioned the Wind Waker in a recent tweet, so that gave me ground to think that maaaybe they are planning to port the HD so they are trying to keep the game in people's minds with the excuse of the anniversary day.

  • Sounds about right.

    Supposedly the online service being something we have to pay for is coming, I think around July, they had to postpone the date in order to remake it (I guess it was to archaic or not very secure) so we will continue in the old one for now without having to pay for it.

    As for the legacy game either they are sweeping it under the rug or they'll make it something like a really retro title like DK arcade game or the original SMB. ?