Bug with DLC

  • I just transfered my primary switch account to my new switch, I own BotW + dlc (all digital), skyrim, db xenoverse 2, mario arcade etc. all digital.

    My old switch I have my two secondary accounts.

    I went to dl hulu on my old switch and in my redownload section of the Eshop it said “Breath of the Wild DLC” and I downloaded it.

    I only bought the BotW dlc twice and both on my primary acct on the Wii U and Switch....

    My primary account is not on the console anymore BUT I can play this content on a different switch. But not only that but I was given the option to redownload on an account I had never purchassd this on.

    Must be a bug.

  • That sounds like something that's going to get patched soon, or will be exploited so much. I did notice that what you download by the switch can be played by any account, which I just assumed was by choice as to have a shared library but definitely, keeping the shared permissions after you transfer the account away is not an intentional feature. =O

  • Every account should be allowed to play any game or content on the same switch console that has an account that has downloaded the stuff. BUT I just tested on my other switch and all my content is digital and I am still allowed to play the BotW dlc on it, so I shouldn't be able to play it on my old console.

  • Yeah. It is odd it didn't detect it was in both consoles. For DLC in theory, even for the same console I shouldn't be able to play DLC of one region if my secondary account in the same switch is linked to a Nintendo Account from a different region. Are your other accounts local? Because maybe they allow it so long they are not linked because the content cannot leave the console anyway. Maybe if you tried to link a different Nintendo Account to that secondary that's when the error or lack of registry would pop up. :/