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    Heck no! I am certain there's a TON that has gone unspoken about this game. I can't wait to see what's in store for this game. The trailers have all been so intense, while extremely vague. Then at E3 they tried to pretend it was a game with no story at all. Then they went right back to intense trailers.

    I wish the DLC for HW wasn't so pricey. I love the game, but I hate having to shell out so much for all these new characters. Oh well.

    I personally would have wanted to see Linebeck, a Minish Cap based Link (not that we need any more Links now, but it would have been nice), or Vaati as DLC. But what we got was pretty good. I main Tingle in this game, and it is absolutely amazing. But Medli and Maron were really....Lame choices for fighters.

    The Legend of Zelda: 7 (+1)
    Zelda II: Adventure of Link: 7
    A Link to the Past: 8
    Link's Awakening: 7 (-3)
    Ocarina of Time: 10
    Majora's Mask: 10
    Oracle of Ages: 5
    Oracle of Seasons: 5
    Minish Cap: 9
    Wind Waker: 10
    Twilight Princess: 7
    Skyward Sword: 7
    A Link Between Worlds: 7

    I had never heard of How good is that service? Have you tried it either as a creator or as a user?
    Looks interesting, the thumbnails remidns me of the Youtube of old, before all the big companies jumped into it.

    Agreed. A combination of established big YTbers and some exclusives that go viral to the point people are okay trying these other services to give them a shot.

    I have tried it as a user, I haven't made any videos before. But anyway, it is a pretty fast and easy service. Although you can't really search individual videos, just individual creators. Or maybe you can now, it's been awhile. But it is about the same thing as Youtube, only on the main page, videos will automatically play if you scroll by them, and stay at that video. The videos are randomly selected, I guess. There isn't a rhyme or reason to them. It is a neat, but pretty small community. It has potential to be a Youtube or DailyMotion rival, but like we both said, it has a lack of anything viral, or any big names.

    The Legend of Zelda: 6
    Zelda II: Adventure of Link: 7 (+1)
    A Link to the Past: 8
    Link's Awakening: 10
    Ocarina of Time: 10
    Majora's Mask: 10
    Oracle of Ages: 5
    Oracle of Seasons: 5
    Minish Cap: 9
    Wind Waker: 10
    Twilight Princess: 10
    Skyward Sword: 6 (-3)
    A Link Between Worlds: 7

    Hotel Transylvania 2 was pretty...Lame. I wouldn't recommend that, Despicable Me 2, (Goodness, you know you are a weak sequel when Minions was actually more entertaining than you) or Suicide Squad. I'd also put up that canceled The Amazing Spiderman series, seeing as how uninspired and soulless Sony was while making it, and how painfully it shows.

    The other site I use, I was called "A user of this" because of the fact I needed an unpicked username, and after 12 attempts failed...Yeah. So anyway, everyone called me User. And User sounds too generic, so I added a radical Z to my name. Neat, huh?

    It's only because all the big names in Let's Play, Reviews, and other things don't use any of these alternative sites. As much as they complain about YouTube, they'll never leave. And until they actually leave the site, nobody else will. Because you won't find their work on other sites, and as amazing as and DailyMotion are, they need to have some better content creators in order to draw in an audience as well.

    Thanks a lot! This place is pretty great so far! As for the Gold-Esque Questions...

    1. My favorite Zelda game is either Wind Waker or Link To The Past. Those games are pure yes.
    2. My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time. It was a lot of fun! I mostly just explored, and accidentally stumbled to where I was supposed to be on accident, until about Jabu Jabu's belly.
    3. I would say the art or the music is the main thing about the games that catch my attention the most. Seeing some really nice backgrounds can make my mind wander on like nothing else!
    4. Lexatom linked me here, and asked me to join up, so I did. :P

    The Legend of Zelda: 10
    Zelda II: Adventure of Link: 6 (+1)
    A Link to the Past: 11
    Link's Awakening: 12
    Ocarina of Time: 12
    Majora's Mask:11
    Oracle of Ages: 4
    Oracle of Seasons: 4
    Minish Cap: 10
    Wind Waker: 10
    Twilight Princess: 8
    Skyward Sword: 10
    A Link Between Worlds: 10
    Triforce Heroes: 2 (-3) Three Swords Bootleg needs to go.

    RDay! Bby! Awesome to see you on here. :D

    You are just a small guy for Zelda. Keep playing to increase your strength, and tolerance for huge walls of text. lol

    Hi people, I'm Uzar. Nice to meet you all! I have a wide array of interests, and Zelda falls into that array. Hopefully I can be friends with you guys! This place seems pretty great. :)
    I'm 18 years old, am a notorious ice chewer, and I was referred by the madman named Lexatom. (Wait, Lex, why are you staff?! :O)

    So yeah, from this day forth, I join your ranks. Pretty neat, huh?