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    what can i say...i dont really like robin williams but i do think hes brilliant at what he does. if you own or have ever been riding around in an rv then you gotta see this. i laughed so hard at one part i thought i was gonna pee my pants! anyways, its better than expected but i wouldnt call it great. pick it up if theres nothing better to rent.

    more of the same on this of course! hilarious *like the other ones* cheezy and stupid but the kill scenes are wonderful!! its a laugh a minute with this one *that is, if you enjoy making fun of b flicks that should never have been made....if you dont, dont waste your money*.

    if youre really interested in seeing this but havent seen the others just beware the only reason for going is to see what messed up way theyve thought of this time to off someone. and they show it. too cool.

    its ok. it has its moments and is true to zuckers themes. still, to bad the wayons brothers quit making them, i liked em better back then.

    PLAY magazine. now This is how mags should be written. no advertisements, fantastic realistic reviews of ps games. its really to bad that other companies dont produce this kind of material....only trouble is you have to go to a bookstore to get this mag. its from england *but worth the trip cause its da bomb*.

    sorry its taken me so long to do this, i rarely have time for anything lately!

    graphic novel, for kids and adults.

    the psp game sucked but death jr is a really great story. death is a great father to his kid, the aforementioned jr. jr is completely oblivious to the fact that he is 'different', and has a group of interesting friends that also ride the short bus to school. anyhow, the story deals with jr's frustrations about wanting to begin training in his fathers business and blows up into a full fledged screw up and jr and his buddies must help undo what jr has done.

    its cute, bright and endearing without being obnoxious.

    side note: death always says 'atta boy tiger' to his kid. i just thought that was kinda sweet in a morbid way. and i loved the addition of pandora as jrs friend. she is completely ocd with boxes. ALL boxes!

    a voice of reason. *FAINT....THUMP* :lol

    i was just about to put a " :dizzy" up in here.

    johnny knoxville yay!

    knoxvilles known for his crappy roles and this one is no different. its complete trash, but it has its moments.
    knoxville plays a not so big on brains wimpy sort of fellow who gets in trouble and needs money fast. his uncle decides for knoxville to fix the special olympics by entering and winning however, that obviously isnt how it pans out.
    at any rate, i was mildy entertained. its kinda funny, kinda cute but i wouldnt say its worth a rental. not knoxvilles type role.

    YAY a live one! :lol

    welcome to the cavern *cavern..cavern*! <~ thats a echo....

    thanks :)

    i used to be. i read the covenant series and about 3 million others. the thing that got me was that they all ended the same, which got boring after awhile.

    stephen kings dark tower series is awesome though, and so is eyes of the dragon for fantasy.

    i used to post tons of stuff *as you can see* but since nobody replied to anything i decided to take a dirt nap. plus, im leaving pretty quick and didnt wanna be bothered having to search for stuff to post everyday. if everybody would post one thing everyday it wouldnt be so bad :/

    i like gaming shirts too. it used to be i would collect concert tees but now its games. i usually go into any gaming store and become 'friends' with the counter folks so when i go in i just say "hey! what tees you got" and for promotional purposes they hand them over even if i havent preordered the game :D

    yeah but he's DEAD! as far as i know he didnt go to haiti beforehand and get him some of that voodoo zombie powder. still though, a zombie miagi would be pretty cool.