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  • i have a couple of books i can recommend that are older but still great.

    catcher in the rye: its about a 16 year old in a private school, but he's been kicked out *of more than just this one*. he's a bit of an asshole and he doesnt know it. anyways, the story is about everything that he sees, does and thinks in a short period of time. this book is on the FBI's flag list *if you buy it your name goes to the FBI for some reason that i dont know. for some reason lots of people commit heinous crimes with this book on them than any other book, though i saw nothing in it that would warrent such behavior*. its pretty cool if you can get past his constant ranting about nothing.

    1984: george orwell wasnt far from the truth when he wrote this. its about a man *supposed to be in 1984* whos job it is to re-write history. every morning the government wakes him up via video *they do this to everyone*, makes them excersize then go to a "government is good" rally then off to work where he gets every news story ever written, cuts and pastes what the government NOW deems as truth. its about his rebellion towards his oppressive government with a surprise ending.

    lord of the flies: this used to be required reading in school, though i dont know if it still is. the story is about a group of military school boys going home on a plane for christmas when their plane goes down and they end up adultless on a deserted island. what happens next is as scary and primitive as it gets. truly a masterpiece and one of my very favorite stories; ever. *the newer movie is fantastic also, creepy!*

    rage: stephen king. good luck finding this book as its been deemed 'inappropriate' and king himself took this one off the shelf after columbine *the boys were found with this book on them, causing king *an avid pro book advocate* to pull it from the shelves. its a short story as well and can be found in one of his compilation books. this story is about a disturbed youth calling out about the disfuction of society while holding his peers hostage in school. good read.

    one flew over the cuckoos nest: this story is about a convict that could not be kept in prison due to his lack of conformity and ends up in a mental institution with a seriously power hungry nurse who dislikes him greatly and is unfair to the patients. its about his power struggle with this woman, and his inability to conform to his environment. sad story, but powerful.

    i'll do more later, but all of these i highly recommend.

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  • thanks :)

    i used to be. i read the covenant series and about 3 million others. the thing that got me was that they all ended the same, which got boring after awhile.

    stephen kings dark tower series is awesome though, and so is eyes of the dragon for fantasy.

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  • I recomend the trilogy The Tales of the Otori by the australian writer Lian Hearn.
    A beautiful story about a boy named Otori Takeo (first introduced to the readers as Tomasu), who was born in a small village of religious outcasts referred to as the "Hidden." The Hidden are persecuted throughout the Three Countries for their religious beliefs, and in the opening chapter Takeo's village is destroyed by a band of warriors led by Iida Sadamu, Lord of the Tohan Clan. During this attack, Takeo is rescued by Otori Shigeru, a young Lord of the Otori Clan, and led back to the Otori stronghold of Hagi. There, Shigeru adopts Takeo and begins to instruct him in the ways of a warrior.

    At Hagi, Takeo learns that his father — Kikuta Isamu, who died before Takeo's birth — was a member of the "Tribe," a secretive network of spies and assassins known for supernatural traits (in other words, ninja). Takeo finds he has inherited many of his father's talents: invisibility, silent movement, the ability to create a mirror image of himself, and a stare that puts dogs and men to sleep. Under the tutelage of Tribe member Muto Kenji, Takeo learns to employ these skills in the role of an assassin, expecting to take part in Shigeru's coming conflict with Iida Sadamu.

    Shigeru's uncles, hoping to rid themselves of their popular and powerful nephew, send him to Iida's capital city of Inuyama. Bound by honor and loyalty to his clan, Shigeru follows their wishes despite suspecting a trap, and takes Takeo along with him. Shigeru's wariness proves warranted when Iida imprisons and tortures him upon his arrival in Inuyama. Meanwhile Takeo is taken hostage by the Kikuta family, relatives of Takeo's father who plan on forcing Takeo to take up his father's legacy as a full member of the Tribe. Before he submits to their will, however, Takeo sneaks into Inuyama castle and frees Shigeru, but not before the Otori lord becomes mortally wounded. Filled with a thirst for vengeance, Takeo returns to the castle intent on slaying Iida, but finds him dead at the hands of Shirakawa Kaede, a young woman Takeo fell in love with on the road to Inuyama, and the female heir to the western domain of Maruyama

    Read it! It's a magnificent story that perhaps is going to be filmed.

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