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    Not sure if this is allowed, so yeah, remove the topic if it isn't. But based on the fact that Gaming Reinvented is/was an affiliate of Zelda Cavern at one point, I assume it is.

    But yeah, it's a video game writing one, and the winner gets 200 dollars in games of their choice. I've put up a summary of how it works here:…d-content-contest-begins/

    So, is anyone interested? Is anyone here the kind of wannabe journalist who'd give it a shot?

    We're already seeing more AR games. Heck, my Twitter keeps showing a promoted post with an ad for an extremely blatant Pokemon GO knockoff.

    Does gaming music count? Cause some of the last few Mario RPGs have really quite depressing songs. Like this one:

    It even mentions the word sadness in the name...

    This is a rumour, but it does have support from some people with industry insider connections too.

    Either way, the rumour goes that the new Zelda title will have four main dungeons, a hundred plus mini dungeons, a dynamic weather system and a technology vs fantasy theme. I wrote an article about it here:…lda-u-will-four-dungeons/

    And GameXplain made a video here:

    But what do you think? Is there any truth behind this rumour? Will the game really have this sort of structure? Cause honestly, I very much doubt it. Zelda games in the past almost always had more than four main dungeons (Majora's Mask being the exception), and open world games often had much more than that. But that's just my opinion...

    Well, Zelda Classic exists, and that's a lot further along than most projects. And a Zelda Maker project was shut down by Nintendo before it rebranded as Legend Maker and set up a Kickstarter campaign.

    But you should keep going anyway. You can never have too many game making tools, especially where Zelda games are concerned!

    Does anyone actually use the Media Gallery or Resource Manager here? Might be worth trying to add some content there, to not make them look so dead...

    Well, that makes sense I guess. The game was made in an era when people were expected to basically treat games like a real life treasure map and plot out everything themselves through trial and error. Look at it like an old school adventure game, where you had to be extremely careful in regards to your next move.

    But it's not a game that people who grew up in later generations can easily get used to.

    Well, I'm of two minds really.

    On the one hand, no Zelda means a 2016 that's going to be very empty, and a Wii U that's going to being going out on a whimper. After all, what they got left instead? Paper Mario Colour Splash? The most hated Nintendo game since Federation Force?

    On the other hand, I'm glad they're willing to push it back to make it the best game it could possibly be. We've seen what happens when you rush games, you get (at best) Mario & Luigi Paper Jam or (at worst) Mario Tennis Ultra Smash/Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

    I've downloaded it, but I got bored really quickly. Didn't see the point of answering silly questions or having my Mii wear a bunch of different costumes.

    It's an interesting theory, and it would make sense, but I don't think it was Nintendo's intention. Skyward Sword was made way before A Link Between Worlds after all, and I'm not sure this is the kind of thing they'd be planning out so far in advance. Unless they came up with Link Between Worlds based on the story in Skyward Sword, somehow?