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    I do not say it because the graphics quality of the games of the 3DS are bad if not because it already has many games in its repertoire and i would not like another remastered, i prefer something new.

    I do not think a new game comes out for the 3DS, making compilation of all the games are 5 counting Hyrule Warrios.

    What i think is that they will get an exclusive of the Switch because BoTW is not exclusive, which only happened on the Wii U for the reasons that already all know.

    ^ He doesnt like to smell the sheets. (?)

    < looks like a taco when the sheets wrap it up.

    v He likes to look like a taco.

    Something like that, you could create your Mii and dress it so that it looked great, maybe you could visit your friends, ask questions and answer what they did to you or meet new people and play some games that were not the big deal, was fun but after a while i bored you.

    I played along with Kaynil and other forum friends in Spanish and if it was fun but after a while you ask the same questions and that boing.

    Miitomo will end its service at 12:00 AM (PDT) on 5/9/2018, and we want to thank you for your support since the Miitomo app's launch.

    Apparently the first mobile application developed by Nintendo came to an end today May 9, 2018. What was initially one of the most downloaded applications of 2016, today is not supported by the number of people still using it, which caused Nintendo to close their servers.

    As a way to thank the users who were active until the end, there was a series of events where you could take a last picture with all the friends you had.



    Before studying what am I studying it was more or less religious, most of my family goes to church so always birth I had this education, they never asked me if I believed or not, simply is the teaching that they gave me and that my grandparents gave them. Today still believe in a God but not the way in as the Church says, many of the things in the Bible were taken from ancient beliefs, all combined gave shape to the God that the churches know. I'm not saying to not teach my son (when you have one) who is God, the free will of believe what the want to believe.

    It all began in a dream, is that dream I dreamed that I had the dream of dream rare names, some of the names of the dream that I remember was "Pumita" and then name I liked that I put Dlink. :XD:

    Already, seriously, the Dlink name comes from the Dark-Link completion, by removing the "ark" would be D-Link but "-" not I liked and remove it.

    Hello, because I am electronics company from which everyone speaks.

    Excuse my lack of presence, I have a school project that really has me somewhat disconnected, either with the forum and the game, Kaynil know about it.

    Soon the holiday for my approach so now I can spend more time here.

    Depends on the day and the task that has to do, if I'm on vacation I spend playing with friends late at night (one day I spend all day playing with them to try to beat a boss with weapons you get early in the game, do not know who came up with that idea) and if I'm in kind of two to three hours if I did not win someone in the house.