Who Here Still Has a Game Boy Advance SP?

  • I don't still "have" one, per se, but I do have a second hand one I got from Rock 30 for really cheap about 2 years ago. The one I have now is cobalt blue, the original one I had was like a grey-ish color. I got rid of my old one as I didn't think I'd want to play it ever again, especially with the launch of the Nintendo 2DS original, which I also have. However, I didn't like the sound of the virtual console part, and I missed having physical copies of games so that's why I got it. Only have Pokémon Red for the Game Boy color, although I do have a handful of Game Boy Advance games too.

  • I am pretty sure good old Sardonic Pickle got one somewhere.

    I missed owning a GBA. I had a Gameboy and Gameboy color.

    I finally could play the GBA titles when i got the Nintendo DS Lite.

    As for games I think I only had The Minish Cap and I think an Ace Attorney game. Now I've played some from dave's collection and bought one or two that I have added to my backlog like Chrono Trigger!

  • I don't still have mine. I sold it to GameStop because I wasn't playing it anymore. That one, the GameBoy Advance and the GameBoy Color all got sold because I didn't play any of them anymore. The only handheld I have at the moment is the 3DS.

    That's why I sold my original one was because I thought I'd never play it again. How wrong I was! After downloading and emulator and playing a few gbc games on this, I'm thinking damn I miss having a game boy color. Got Pokémon Yellow a while back and hoping to get Crystal soon. Crystal and yellow are my favorites because of the extra features.

  • I would have still had mine with me but I lost it a while back when I took it to school. Well, when I say lost, it probably got stolen because when I went to get it back, it was gone.


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