Favorite Nintendo console?

  • It has to be the N64 out of pure nostalgia. So many happy hours playing OoT, MM, Lylat Wars, Mario64, Wipeout, Maria Kart, Turok 2..... The Gamecube was good though, Melee is my favourite Smash Bros title and WW is better than people give it credit for. After that though I dropped out of the Nintendo universe and spent a good decade without a working telly soooo that was the end of the list for me.

    Although actually I will add the Wii didn't do it for me. I get that they were embracing the family friendly thing but I was definitely not the target audience. I turned to Playstation for my sense of operatic grandeur for a while.

  • Right now I am pretty happy with the switch. It is growing on me, if it wasn't because the joycons are a joke in durability before they start drifting, no matter how often you try to clean them to avoid dust accumulation around the sticks, and the headaches with the Nintendo Online service.

    The Nintendo 64 is probably the one I esteem the most, due its sense of familiarity. it was one of the consoles that brought me through gaming a lot of the biggest moments of my impressionable younger years. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was like living a fairytale. And just on its own that game caused a big impact in my decisions impacting me today. I'm a admin here, I married Dave and moved to Australia, I learned English, chose this nickname and I made a lot of my online friends because of this game.
    Nintendo had a good gallery with the sequel Majora's Mask, The first Super Smash Bros. which was something so unreal back in the day. Something you'd joke about but never expected Nintendo to pull.
    Then you have Rareware games too like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Jet Force Gemini, Diddy Kong Racing, Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    The 3DS was before the switch on a close race against my other favorite system, it had the remakes of OoT and MM. It had other N64 games coming as well as the possibility to buy all the Ace Attorney games and portable Zelda games. I liked that even if you didn't have a game, it came with that AR games to entertain you. Honestly I don't think I will be putting that console away anytime soon. I almost feel taht it might just be my favorite one when I think things objectively, except that the battery life of my new 3DS XL is a lot shorter than the first smaller consoles.