The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (TP)

  • Yes, there should be a "Love it"... Because, I loved that game when it first hit the stores. I was done with it about 2-3 days after it came out. The music was incredible. Koji and his team did the best job I have ever heard, and that's my own opinion on not because I'm a Zelda Expert and a Zelda Fan... But, because I'm a musician, myself.

    I would know how hard it is to compose music and create themes for certain stuff and whatnot. Besides all else, I love this game and I'm currently working on my guide for the Wii Edition. It's not easy because I have to go through the game (again) and remember where I found everything... Because, on my first try, I found all heart pieces, items, etc. and I wrote them down on the location. However, my papers were lost and I still can't find them.

    And, if anyone needs help on ANY part of the games series, or Sly Cooper Help, Grandia, Kingdom Hearts, Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, and Jak and Daxter... Contact me via PM or otherwise and I will answer it, detailed and correct.

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  • I just experienced one of the funniest moments in Twilight Princess...

    I'm sure you TP owners/players know of that Castle in the sky, correct?
    I just got there today... so, sometime after the dragon broke the bridge I had just crossed, I went about my usual business... I JUST recently went into my first door-is-closed-behind-you-and-you-cannot-exit-until-you-kill-all-the-baddies-in-this-room room, with two of those lizard warrior guys.
    They stare at me for a moment, then I step forward. The one on the left leaps first... I noticed a ditch in front of me, so I waited until it jumped... Then, I did my spin attack and knocked him down/killed him in one go. No biggy. But now the second lizard warrior was leaping over to me. No problem, my spin attack has just recharged... then I use it too early, so I *nearly* fall off the platform I'm on, hanging on by a hand.
    That second lizard lashes at me while he's jumping and falls into that open-air ditch to his doom. It was hilarious... I won that battle without so much as a scratch, and only one hit used! XD

    Now, back to TP. >>

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