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    Welcome to the Zelda Community!! Glad to see more members joining every chance they can. Hope you have a wondrous time with us. Nice collection of Statues, BTW.

    So, there are a few differences between Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX

    Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening was originally released for the Game Boy on June 6th, 1993 (August of 1993 in the USA). It featured our normal camera top view and our favorite Protagonist, Link. You were tasked with adventuring all around Koholint Island, gathering 8 Siren instruments. As you gather everything and you defeat the bosses (named Nightmare), you start to learn more about the Island and how it came to be. Once you gather all 8 Siren Instruments, you are to adventure to the top of Tal Tal Heights and use them to open a pathway into the Wind Fish's egg, where the Wind Fish slumbers. After you traverse this final dungeon, you defeat the final nightmare and you finally awaken the Wind Fish. He is grateful that you have awakened him, then tells you that it's time for you to wake up. Once you actually wake up, you realize that the Island of Koholint never existed.

    Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX was officially released for the Game Boy Color on December 12th, 1998 (December 15th, 1998 in the USA). The same story, same bosses, and same Island of Koholint are back again. This time, they were in glorious color. However, there were a few new additions that were added to the main base game. First and foremost, color. Game Boy Color featured this game in full color this time, rather than the grey scale we were used to on the original. Introduced with the Game Boy Color, was the Game Boy Printer. This Printer was able to be combined with the Game Boy Camera, and you could take pictures. Basically, it was Nintendo's way of starting the Selfie Era. However, it was used in Link's Awakening DX to print pictures that you took with the DX Camera Box from the Camera Shop. One of the best features it brought to us was the Color Dungeon. This new dungeon was able to be found on the Island of Koholint. It featured very unique enemies and a useful item at the end. After to completed the dungeon, you were given a choice of either the Red Tunic or the Blue Tunic. Red Tunic gave you more attack power permanently. Blue Tunic gave you more defense power permanently. Once the dungeon was completed, it disappears from the Island.

    Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage... Leader and Founder of The Seven Sages... Webmaster and Creator of Guardian Sages, Where Knowledge Is Born... As of yesterday, we were graced with Nintendo's latest Direct reveal. We saw many great things that are here, things that are coming, and even got a glimpse into the newest games. I will cover the main stuff that was talked about. So, let's dive into it, shall we??

    First and foremost, as the Nintendo Direct was starting its Livestream, we were shown something that was thought to never once be possible. As the Switch continues to be the #1 selling console (successfully beating the Sony Playstation in Japan as of 2019), we have seen many great online games... Fortnite, Tetris 99, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and many others... However, we are now going to see the #1 most selling and played online game. Overwatch. That's right. You heard me correctly. Blizzard's #1 Online Game is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch October 15th, 2019. As for a physical copy, I don't doubt that retail stores (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop especially) will be opening their Pre-Orders for this phenomenal online game. It will also implicate the Motion Controls that the Switch Console has mastered over the course of just 2 years. For instance, as Junkrat, you can turn you Switch left or right to turn his Ult (Ultimate; Rip Tire) left or right. Another example is Widowmaker. She is a phenomenal Sniper, if used correctly. You can free-move the Switch to move the sniper scope around to aim and shoot. To find out that Blizzard's #1 online game is coming to the Switch, that completely blew my mind. But, let's press on. Soo much time, soo little to see...

    After Overwatch was revealed, we were told of some new items that are coming to the Switch. Witcher III Wild Hunt Complete Edition is slated for October 15th, 2019 as well. It's going to showcase the ENTIRE game AND all of its DLC. If you're going to try and 100% this game (again), that's easily 400+ hours. Idk about you, but I was only able to obtain this many hours in Breath of the Wild. i'm currently sitting at 2200 hours, collectively. Long story. ANYWAYS!! We got official confirmation that Banjo & Kazooie is officially released on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as DLC Pack 3. And we even got a couple sneak peeks at the DLC Pack 4 character (Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury) and confirmation that at least 5 new DLC characters are being developed. So, we are currently sitting at, in total, 10 possible DLC character. This is going to make it the biggest fighter list yet (unless there is a much larger list. If soo, let me know.). They also added more Mii Fighter outfits, one that stood out above the rest. Anyone ever play Undertale?? Remember that difficult boss (Genocide Path ONLY) that you faced?? Remember Sans?? Yes, he's back. And his music is back as well. Tetris 99 is going to feature a survival mode and a 2 player mode as well, alongside a new release that will also feature a 12-month membership and possibly a physical copy of the game. Why?? Not entirely sure, but this is Nintendo. They know how to market quite nicely. Link's Awakening Remastered was also given some more insight of what we can expect out of the game, especially the Dungeon Editor Mode.

    About a year or so ago, the Nintendo Switch Online Presence was officially released. This gave us Nintendo players access to quite a few useful functions. We are granted access to the Cloud Storage, in case we need to transfer to a new Switch and backup all our Save Data. We were able to play online with some of the hottest game titles: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Party, Arms, Tetris 99, Fortnite, and now Overwatch. We are able to chat and join parties through the Nintendo Online App, via Smartphone. Although, I am sure with Nintendo and Microsoft partnering up, we may get access to the online capabilities of parties and chat that Microsoft has mastered over the years. One of the best features is the NES App that allows us to play all those oldie but goodie games. We currently have access to over 30 different Nintendo Entertainment System games: Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario Brothers: Lost Levels, Legend of Zelda 1986, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, Gradius, Donkey Kong, and many more. However, as of today, we are granted a new portal on the Nintendo Online App. It's the Super Nintendo App. Yes, all those rumors and files that we found in the data folders are true. We have access to over 10 SNES games: Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and many more. That has gone live as of September 5th, 2019. So, go update your Nintendo Switches and kick it back old school style again. And as an added bonus, Nintendo has, up for pre-order on their site, the SNES classic controller.

    That's just a small taste of what the Nintendo Direct was able to give us. But there are a few un-answered questions that I'm personally curious about... Is there a possible chance that Tracer can be a Smash DLC character?? With Overwatch on the Switch, can we cross-play with Microsoft Xbox Users?? Do we get Nintendo-Themed Overwatch skins and such?? How is it possible to do 8-players on one Animal Crossing game?? Let me know what you think in the posts below.

    This is your Nintendo Direct headline, brought to you by your neighborhood Legend of Zelda Grand Master and Nintendo Man. Until next time, always remember: "May The Way of the Hero Lead to The Triforce."

    Hello everyone. I am The Great Sage, Leader and Founder of The Seven Sages... Webmaster and Creator of Guardian Sages, Where Knowledge Is Born... Let's get down to business, shall we??

    As we count down the days until Link's Awakening Remastered releases for the Nintendo Switch, we have seen some good things that await us in the game. First and foremost... In case if no one remembers or saw, Link's Awakening will be making its way into everyone's Nintendo Switch on September 20th, 2019. I know I'm personally going to be in line to get my game when it releases. But, what can we expect to see in this new Remastered version of our Game Boy Classic?? What have they added into this Remaster that's going to give us an edge to play more?? Let's take a look...

    When Link's Awakening first it the Game Boy scene on June 6th, 1993, we got to see our famed protagonist sailing along the seas in search of his next adventure. Some say that this possibly has ties to Wind Waker, but we won't talk about that for now. I will address that on a later thread. As he sailed along the seas, a deadly storm shook Link's raft to pieces. As he drifted through the endless sea, he was finally washed up upon the shores of Koholint Island. There, we meet many new faces such as: Marin, Tarin, Ulrira, Dr. Wright, a few Mario characters (Chain Chomp, Goombas, Wart), and many more. Link ventures around Koholint Island, collecting the 8 Siren Instruments for one main goal... To awaken the Legendary Wind Fish, with the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Along the way, Link finds out that this entire island is nothing more than a dream, being dreamt by the Wind Fish. Soon after Link defeats the final Nightmare, he was greeted by the Owl that guided him around Koholint Island. The Wind Fish awakens and thanked Link for waking him up. Then, the Wind Fish tells Link that it's time for him to wake up himself. Suddenly, you find out that you've been drifting on a piece of wood from your raft. You see the Wind Fish fly by. And, if you got the secret ending (by completing the entire game without dying once), you get to see Marin fly away via seagull.

    Now, what was added in this game?? We already know that the DX Version gave us the Red/Blue Color Dungeon. When you complete the dungeon, you got the chance to choose what you wanted as a permanent upgrade: Sword or Shield. However, there's much more that's coming September 20th. They are adding a much more interactive Map of Koholint Island. This map will show previous places of where you have been, who you talked to, where you found sea shells, where you found heart pieces, and more. I'm willing to bet that you're able to make mental notes on the map, to help you remember certain sequences. But that's not one of the best parts of the newest additions. Series producer, Eiji Aonuma, also confirmed that Nintendo is working with Grezzo, the company that's Co-Developing Link's Awakening. Grezzo was the company that Co-Developed the ports of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for the 3DS. Most importantly, Link's Awakening is going to introduce something that could possibly open the door to a new style of gaming.

    The New Dungeon Editor Mode... That's right. You read that right. A Dungeon Editor Mode. How does it work?? As you go through all 8 dungeons, you will find extra Dungeon pieces to help build your very own dungeon. Where is it located?? Remember that DX Camera Shop that was in the Game Boy Color version of Link's Awakening DX?? Located in Tal Tal Heights?? That's where it's going to be accessible. Building your own style dungeon?? Who wouldn't be excited for that?? However... With the New Dungeon Mode located where the DX Camera Shop was originally at, does that mean the DX Camera Shop is no longer around?? Well, let's just say that you will have to wait and see on September 20th... But, I will tell you this... Make sure your 'Capture' the right moments.

    Soo, with all of this that's coming, what are you most excited about?? Let's hear your opinions!!

    There are many theories surrounding Breath of the Wild 2... From the E3 video footage that we were gracefully give as seen here:

    there have been many theories that have started to surface... Me personally?? I see this as a possible connection to Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess. A darker version of Breath of the Wild, if you will. You see Princess Zelda sporting a shorter hair look, while she's riding a mule-type creature. As she was holding up a torch, you also see the runes and magic that links to Calamity Ganon. You start to see the decaying body of Calamity Ganon, slowly regaining power again. It holds true to the old history and tales... "The One who holds the Triforce of Power, remains tied to destiny and fate."

    Personally, I am intrigued on how this will continue the Breath of the Wild storyline. It is also worth noting that when Breath of the Wild 2 was finally announced and is currently in development, Nintendo Ltd. in Japan put out that they were looking to hire new designers for Level Design and Dungeon Design. I'm also assuming that they're going to possibly hire more people for their mass open world expansion. I'm sure we will see more in development over the next 2 years. I'm predicting a 2021-2022 release date, along with a possible new Nintendo Home Console. I know we are looking at the new Nintendo Switch V2 and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

    Currently, the Nintendo Switch Lite is scheduled to come out on September 20th, 2019. It's also the very same day Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening Remastered will be releasing. I have heard that the Nintendo Switch V2 could be making an appearance between late 2019 to March 2020. However, Nintendo was also talking about a possibility of the Nintendo Switch 2 (a place-holder name, of course) near 2022-2023. If that's an idea, that could mean Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild 2 could be head-lining the new Nintendo Console. Let me know what everyone else may think about it. I know I have said my piece.

    I believe my first Zelda game was the Legend of Zelda 1986 game for NES. I was about 1 year old when I started playing vigi-games... (or younger, I can't remember...) My dad had the NES and I was playing Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers. Ever since then, I was playing every Zelda Game there was. My dad bought me the Zelda II, and it was pretty fun. Not the best nor favorite in my opinion, but still a great Zelda Game.

    When SNES came around, that's when I started on A Link to the Past. By the age of 2, I was kicking butt and taking names. No one wasn't able to surpass me with the Zelda Series... !! Excuse me, I'm getting off topic... Sorry. !!

    My impressions were that it had great graphics (back in the day), and great music. I would just sit there and listen to the dungeon theme, and the overworld theme. I was only 1 years old, but still... It was awesome.

    It's pronounced "Wii-mote"... Sorry, it's a bad habit. Anyways... It's just a mere update that most, if not all, computers already have. Other than that, using the USB keyboard is good enough, instead of having to point and type.

    Well, let's see... I've JUST BARELY completed the ENTIRE game... And, it's really interesting to see how the ship parts work. I haven't fully gotten them all, but I'm working my way to that. I have all the heart containers and pieces... So, I'm right now, working on the new guide... It would probably take me about 1 week to complete it, fully.

    Anyways, within my opinion, I don't have anyone that really has this game, except for only one person... My g/f. We play it and we figured out how to trade Wi-Fi wise... However, online isn't ready. However, I can take a stab at it. *gets his master sword ready* Well, from my point of view, Ya know when you go to battle?? Find something that has to do with the My Friend Codes... It leads to a place where you can type in four different friend codes... All you would have to do is get the Friend Code from someone online. Once there, it should be easy to figure out. If you still can't get it, contact me again and I will further investigate this situation.

    Not just because I'm a music composer and I like the Zelda Series and its music... All the songs really get me playing the games. I have been playing the games for some time, soo... I love the music. It really gets me going and wants me to play on my piano. Soo, that's how I was able to trascribe the music into Piano Format and that's why I'm known as the Video Game Pianist.

    They don't have my character that I really am... The King of Evil (the Demon-Thief), Ganondorf Dragmire. I'm pure evil, demonic powers are my specialty to wield against the light, and my Staff of Darkness primes with Dark Eco and a Demonic lust for power and control... That's who I am. No joke, my friends.

    I can be the Content Writer. You already know what I can do for writing and whatnot... And, Global Mod, if anyone has yet to take it. If it's already gone, then I wouldn't mind sticking with the Content Writer's position. Just tell me what I need to write and it's going to be written.

    It's ZeldaGuardian here... I'm going to explain some things that need to be explained in this timeline. I have been playing the Zelda Series ever since I was able to use a NES controller (Age of 11months), and I have learned many things. As I play the Zelda games, I think about its storyline and how it fits in the Zelda Timeline. I have seen many timelines by many people, but they forget which came first and last, and everything in between. I have attempted to make a perfect timeline and it's not that easy. Thus far, I have this:

    1. Ocarina of Time - Link told Zelda what happened after his adventure and Zelda told her father and they all were able to stop Ganondorf and banish him with Seven Sages.

    2. Majora's Mask - Link wondered into this place, undergoing a more personal journey. Once he battled Majora, he ventured back into Hyrule.

    3. A Link to the Past - Link came back home to his uncle to rest. After everything that has happened, Link saved Hyrule by obtaining the Seven Crystals and the Master Sword send Ganon back to the Sacred Realm, even though Ganon used Agahnim to get back in the Light World.

    4. Minish Cap - Link stayed with his uncle for a little time longer, and Zelda invited him to the Castle Ceremony. What happened at the Castle effected everything and Link was sent to restore a sword to defeat who was responsible.

    5. Four Swords - Link was summoned by the Triforce after saving Zelda to defeat a Wind Mage that was causing lots of trouble.

    6. Four Swords Adventure - Zelda summoned Link to help finish the ritual against the Dark Link and the Wind Mage, Vaati. However, Ganondorf was the one that was controlling both of them.

    7. Oracle Series - Link was summoned, once again, by the Essence of the Triforce to defend the Oracle of Ages and Seasons.

    8. Legend of Zelda 1986 - Link wondered back into Hyrule, trying t find Impa because she ran off after being attacked by General Onox. Link helped her find the 8 pieces of the Triforce of Courage.

    9. Zelda II - Link was told that Zelda was put to sleep and the only way to awaken her was to place 6 stones in the Palaces around the Hyrule Realm.

    10. Twilight Princess - Link was taken to the renamed Kokiri Forest because the Kokiris turned into myth and legend. Link was set to help Zelda, and ran into Midna and everything else happened.

    11. Link's Awakening - Link was sick of staying at Hyrule soo, he went travelling in his own boat and wondered around the sea. When a storm hit, he was found on this island.

    12. Wind Waker - Link was able to stay alive and float to Outset Island and everything was from there in the game. Link found old Hyrule and was told that this Hyrule was put under water because of a tremendous battle.

    13. Phantom Hourglass - Link left with Tetra to find new lands to rule over. After being lost in a mysterious cloud, Link has to find his way back.

    And, there ya have it. I think that's the most accurate way to piece them together. If anyone has any questions, please post and talk about it.

    Tywar, to the best of my knowledge, "wisedom" was spelled "wisdom"... I mean, my god... It's in the Zelda Games, shouldn't you know how to spell it?? HAHA, j/k. Well, as for me... I liked the TP Ganondorf because he reminds me of.... Well, me. Because, I'm evil, a demon-thief, and full of Dark and Magical Power.

    This place is for helping people and asking for help. This isn't really the place to post your opinions about your hardest time in the games. That could be posted in a new thread, but not in the Help Thread... People use this thread to help them, and ask questions if they ever need to.

    Sorry, I just hate it when people don't follow the rules.

    Me... It's only Rock... But these bands: Journey, Dream Theater, Rush, Queen, Aerosmith and Kansas.... I know, heaven-forbid I would listen to Megadeth and Metallica and Slayer and whatnot (Because I grew up with that music...) but, I found my own music... I think my music was the pinnacle of Rock. Dream Theater revolutionized Prog. Rock, Rush started the Prog. Rock, Queen started the Soft Rock and Alt. Rock... Aerosmith continued the Rock era and now... It's just a bunch of bands who think they're those bands (Green Day, Linkin' Park, and more... they all = crap (no offense to those who listen to those kinds of bands...))... That's my personal opinion.

    I had that posted in the news bulletin on the main site... However, nonetheless, it's a sad time for Nintendo. However, you're right (Muigi)... Nintendo isn't going anywhere for a long while.... I'm just afraid of what's going to happen in the near future... I'm mean, the Wii might be the pinnacle of Nintendo and they can't really make Wii better... What could they do??