The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons (OoX)

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    The portable game that which you can link up with. You can change time and seasons. Link up for a second quest! Discuss here!

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  • OoA was the first Zelda game I played, and I really liked it. I blame OoS/A for my obsession with Zelda today.

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  • youve never played OoS or OoA? O_o
    anyways oracle of ages was better then oracle of seasons, although veran was kinda annoying. i liked how in oracle of seasons when you fight onox*spoiler warning* he turns into a dragon and you fight him on a side scrolling screen :)

  • who's vivian O_o

    do you mean Veran, the final boss of OoA?

    I'm psychic. When you see "-*-" my powers activate.

  • I didnt like this game either

    I thought it was very familiar to Links Awakening and very hard >.<

    handheld zelda just isnt for me

  • I liked them, though not quite as much as Link's Awakening. These games were rather similar to LA, so I took to them like a fish to water, but it didn't have the "impact" LA had. Nostalgia is not something that can be overwritten easily, is it?
    One cool thing about Ages, is that it had my favorite villain. Mostly b/c Veran's one of the few who actually does something! >:-D I love her...geh heh heh!
    I liked Ages better overall; if I had to choose, it'd be Ages.

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