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    Quote from Shrukan

    When I said Avinash I meant the dark side of me (I call it Avinash XDDD).

    I'm gonna make quizzes in the future using HTML.

    I call mine Xael. Interesting that we have names for our inner demons, huh?

    Anyway, here's my result for the OoT enemy quiz:

    You are the Poe. Sneaky and Lethal, any enemy of yours will be dispatched, whether it takes time or not.

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    Man, the Armos Knight in Episode 3 was awesome!

    "Do you have any TP for my bungholio?"

    "The mother of all wars has begun! The streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers!"

    Hilarity has ensued!

    Quote from spiff

    LA. If you don't like tal tal hieghts you fail at life :p

    LA very cool music.

    Agreed. "Mt. Tamaranch" is the BEST SONG EVAR!

    Other than that, I found Tarm Ruins to be pretty godly, as well as Level 3: Moonlit Grotto in Ages, and Level 5: Catfish's Maw in Link's Awakening. Also, Nayru's theme in Ages (the song Nayru sings at the beginning; I'm pretty sure that it's meant to be her theme song) is quite beautiful, and would be awesome if someone were to play a full orchestral version.

    But, overall, I'd have to say...well, I don't know. The music in the Game Boy Zeldas was pretty godly overall, too bad the Game Boy's technical limitations hold the music back.

    Quote from spiff

    There is no proof that veran is twili.

    Well, yeah, but...*runs*

    *comes back* There's also no proof that LinkxMidna is canon, either. It's just a theory ;)!
    Aaaaanyway, I also happen to think RalphxNayru is a cute couple <3! Everytime I play Ages and see Ralph run off, yelling Nayru's name, I just smile to myself, and say, "He so totally likes Nayru!" There's something about this, that just makes me think they are actually the cutest couple in the series.

    Why do I get the feeling HMS was just joking?

    Anyway, I will say, there's another game that I played that sucked ass, that I actually forgot I played up till about a couple of days ago: Mario is Missing for the Super NES. It's an educational game, as though you need to combine school and video games. Also, there's supposed to be action, but you can't die. It's really quite boring.

    Oh, if HMS was serious, my apologies Midna, for what it's worth. I too, know what it's like to dislike a popular game; you have to be ready to defend yourself at every turn, if not hide your unpopular feelings for a popular game. :'(

    I'm going to say...the DS version. Some stars were moved to locations, and also, I found I died a bit more on that version. However, I will say that it may be due to control issues, in that it's harder to play that game with the control pad of the DS than the control stick of the N64, you know?

    LinkxMidna. Those two belong together. There's much chemistry shown in the more dramatic scenes of the game, you just have to see this situation working.

    As for LinkxZelda, ehh, frankly, this pairing strikes me as a bit too much like those B-romance novels you buy at the drugstore for a dime a dozen. It's just...ugh. Well, I guess it's not so bad in Ocarina of Time, or The Wind Waker, where Link had quite a bit of interaction with Zelda, even if he didn't know it at the time (waves hi to Sheik and Tetra), but in TP, Link sees Zelda, what, three times during the game? And all of those times are pretty brief. And Midna's there most of those times anyway. I rest my case.

    I'll say, I'm also starting to like the idea of MexVeran. One day, I will marry that sexy twili witch.

    Quote from Happy Mask Salesman

    You can't blame her for trying to help though. Its just best to avoid that Email. and it may not be able to physically hurt the C-Drive, but it could do some damage to your computer.

    No, I can't really. Though, does that e-mail even exist?

    Quote from Happy Mask Salesman

    There in the GBA games.

    Uh, you mean GBC games (the Oracles). I know the Oracles are on GBC because of how you can't stick the carts in the DS and because the carts stick out a bit when placed in a GBA. Maybe you were confused b/c the Oracles were released about the same time as the GBA was? Or maybe you were just thinking of Minish Cap?

    Quote from mortuaries

    this is them?

    they look like a different version of the poes

    Sorry, I can't see that page. However, here's another image of the Subrosians with Link:

    I think they're kinda cute <3!

    Hmm, Super Mario World probably, because that game was my first video game. Good times, good times. Also, Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages; the former introduced me to the series, the latter is just the best Zelda game EVAR! Good story, great gameplay, introduces the best villain in the series, I think you get the point. Also, Final Fantasy VI and VII; the latter introduced me to the series, the former is the best in the series ever!

    I thought it was pretty good, but I felt like I didn't have a clear sense of direction much of the time (well, sometimes anyway). So I kinda stopped playing for a while.

    I ended up voting, "It was OK".

    Oh, and *waves to the Oracles as they make their cameo* [annoying parent-ese esque voice]"Hi, Oracles!"[/annoying parent-ese esque voice]