How long have you guys Beaten TP?

  • What was your guys' time for beating TP??? and if you got all the items say so :P was there an easy part for you? was there a hard part for you? say...

    I beat it in 36 hours... and something minutes... ganondorf on the horseback part was easy... (beat him in less than 30 seconds)

  • On my FIRST playthrough, which was with the Gamecube version when I didn't have a Wii yet (I do now, and own and have beaten both versions of TP, hehe), I got in about 80 hours...BUT LEMME EXPLAIN! See, it took me about 5 days or so to beat it(not complete it though, just to beat the game, beat = final boss and credits, complete = 100%), and my gamecube is crap. It won't read discs for crap, so I have to sit and work with it for about a half hour each time I wanted to play a game. So when I got TP, I put it in, and left it on and never turned it on until I got the Wii(even after I beat it I didn't turn it off) and thus, it records your time, even when paused(which is bull). So yeah. If I were to guess, I would say I spent more than half of the 80 hours actually playing the game, anywhere from 45-60 hours to beat the game itself. The main reason was because I did a lot of sidequests during the story, and I loved riding Epona around Hyrule field, and did that for a couple hours, and also was trying to make the game longer for myself. So yeah. With the Wii version, my first playthrough through it was about 25 or so hours, since I did everything already, just reversed, and I didn't do as much fooling around and sidequests than what I did with the gamecube version.

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    i dont really like to do speed runs because i like to "savor" the game, but my 1st time through it was 21:38 because i liked to eide around in hyrule :D my second time through was 18:46 :D but i guess i could do a speed run...

  • *looks at time counter* ITS OVER NINE THOUSAND! sorry i had to say that ^o^ nah i got like fourty hours, but that was with long periods of pausation. (It was paused, yes i know pausation isnt a word, but i dont care either)

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    No, you can't. Nintendo experts themselves from Nintendo even said not too long ago it is impossible. People who say they can are lying, dude.

    Are you sure? I could of swore someone was telling me they got it in 16 hours.

  • mine is just 13 DAYS of some hours each day i played..............................................................yes i counted them

    ha ha ha! i got a window! cant see me now can you?ha ha ha!

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  • I beat in approximately 21 hours. Not too hard of a game.I also have seen my cousin beat it in 19 hours. I didn't really like Twilight Princess that much but I still tried my best.

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