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    My native language is Tynage.

    I'm assuming, Kenpari, that your saying that your English is better than, mine? We both know that's incorrect. :P

    I'm assuming, Kenpari, that you're saying your English is better than mine? We both know that's incorrect. :P

    Fixed version below the regular version. We don't use "that" twice in one sentence. Also you used the incorrect form of the word "your." Also you put a comma where there should have been. You put the comma right after the word "than", which is incorrect usage of a comma.

    Of course I do, Dekulink. English is my native language after all. In fact, I tend to speak better English than the rest of the people here. Besides Timothy and Twistkill that is.

    You're Blue Link, and your passion is delving into the many secret-filled dungeons. You don't care for Rupees or fighting--you're content just to be able to explore, solve puzzles and find secrets, and the Roc's Cape compliments this perfectly, letting you explore areas you wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. You're the loner and slowpoke of the group, which means you don't get along with Red Link at all. On the other hand, however, Purple Link loves tagging along to collect all the Rupees you uncover.

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    Sounds like me.

    Hmm, maybe try spacing between each of the lines of spoken words? Like this.

    It's pretty good though.

    Yes, Child Pornography is punishable by law. I don't think Hentai and Pornography that's not of children should be punishable, which it's not. And yes, the law does consider Hentai and Regular Pornography equally, but I don't find Hentai as bad, as it is of fictional characters, rather than actual people.

    I think that regular porn is worse than hentai. Hentai mainly consists of fictional characters, mostly anime/manga/video game related. Just plain porn is based more on real people. Child pornography is terrible, and illegal. Most child pornography is made against the child's will and not to mention is inhumane, unnecessary, and just straight-out nasty. Neither porn nor hentai or good things, but I do think that regular pornography is worse than hentai.