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    Error from AOL.

    Kaepora Gaebora for not letting me skip his text! D:<

    i can skip kaepora gaebora's text, but he really is annoying. I really find the mailman in tp really annoying because of his gay music and you can't skip.

    im still kinda deciding on the flap of the butterfly but i also heard that the butterfly effect theory can be placed with every like moving a stone or killing a man, or preventing a murder can change the future, which i believe in.

    I was banned for life on Shallowbay (breaking benjamins home page) for some stuff that offended people that i didn't know was offensive because most other people where saying it on the same site. but i found a loop hole to get back on, create a new account.

    simpsons movie, and i saw it in Portsmouth, England when i went to euro for a trip. I relized something that day, it could be some dumb stereotype, but brits will laugh at anything.

    its a good game. it has a darker storyline, a limited time limit, a lot of side quests for the masks and other side quests. majoras mask was a good boss, a great way to get something else besides ganondorf. the guilded sword was awesome, so overal its my third favorite zelda game.

    Name: Murasaki
    -Age: 21
    -Gender: male
    -Race: human (more a necromancer)
    -Height: 6' 5"
    -Weight: 191
    -Armor (if any): dark cloak (protects against most magic attacks)
    -Weapons (if any): staff with a crystal orb on top, and a sword as a secondary weapon, plus a spell book if that counts
    -Physical Attacks: whacking people with staff, or hacking at them with his sword
    -Magical attacks: summoning the dead (thats why he's a necromancer) and balls of dark matter.
    -Weakness: melee combat (not very good at it) or protecting against ranged attacked (bows) and light spells attacks.
    -Appearance: albino (mostly). almost skin and bones, blue eyes, with black hair.
    -Personality: mysterious, sorta wrathful, somtimes proud, and dominate.
    -History/Bio: murasaki was raised in a tribe of necromancers. they practed this dark art for hours each day, the're sorta emo, mostly gothic. At the age of 10 his father took him deep into the forrest where dark spirits roam, this trip was to conqure his fear and control spirits that already existed on this earth. At the age of 15, he raised his first dead which was a zombie, which made him a necromancer officially and everyone partied all night. Then one day a tribe of nomadic warriors had a suprise attack when he was 19 and only murasaki and the tribes elder was left alive with his fathers book (book of the dead) which has spells to raise the dead and the ability to cast dark matter at the enemy hurting them a lot. The elder taught him the deeper secrets of necromancy for two years, like to summon demons, but warned him to use it only as a last resort, because demons are hard to control and the amount of energy it take can kill the weak hearted, and dark spells so powerful that light would go away. After the elder died, he now seeks revenge, murasaki will kill the nomadic warriors and some other people (if necessary).

    I found out about this site from Zelda Universe. the name is the same there as it is here. my fav zelda game is twilight princess, and my least zelda game is wind waker.