MM Fave Mask

  • Fave Mask 0

    1. Deku Mask (0) 0%
    2. Goron Mask (0) 0%
    3. Zora Mask (0) 0%
    4. Fierce Deity's Mask (0) 0%

    out of the main masks of the game

    which was your fave?

  • My vote went to the Zora Tribe.
    They are generally capable of living on either land and sea.
    That makes them mainly the most fascinating creatures in
    the entire Zelda series, in my personal opinion.
    Gorons and Dekus are fanatical as well,
    but less interesting in certain parts.
    And as for the Fierce Deity's Mask, well, I really disgust it.
    It's, bluntly put, "mere garbage."
    As Majora himself used to say to Link.

    The Fierce Deity's Mask has no back-up story.
    It was merely a creature that made a weak appearance.
    There actually weren't any legends nor tales passed on
    by folks of this mysterious warrior...

  • Quote from spiff

    Deku mask, it's just so awesome. Too bad it has so many waknesses.

    SO VERY VERY MANY! Besides its short and useless.

  • Quote from Maverick Aurion

    i could swim for hours in great bay

    i did the same. i just loved being a zora
    playing gerudo fortess was amazing and i actually liked the water temple :]]

    ive never had my hands on fierce deity =[[