Ocarina of Time Most annoying Enemy?

  • The Like-Like, nothing builds up hate more than waiting to get spit out without your shield and/or Tunic, If they were real i would lead a campaign on nuking them.


  • Heh, ReDeads were quite annoying, but the enemies that really irritated me were probably the Keese (Ice in particular), Wallmasters, Like Likes, Shell Blades. Beamos and the Leevers. I guess they just catch me out in the wrong places at the wrong times, and really ticked me off on a number of occassions. The Like Likes in particular, I mean there was nothing to like about a giant gear-gobbling, shield-scoffing, blob of worm-like jelly that I repeatedly cursed at and got extreme gratification in watching that annoying bloody blob moan as it shrunk into nothing and seeing Rupees and MY gear pop out of that bugger.

  • O_o
    Like-Likes are not annoying at all. I go long range on them so I don't lose my shield/tunic.
    But what's REALLY annoying is battling the Gerudo Guards. You get hit once and you die XD wtf is up with that lol

  • Okay I found a lot of enemies in OoT pretty annoying

    Ill start with the enemies that try stopping you entering the Forest Temple I always found them pretty annoying
    There were two different types.
    One being a 'Club Moblin' and the other a normal 'Moblin'

    ReDeads annoyed me a lot also. Do I need to say why?
    Especially trying to leave Hyrule Castle at the end of the game.

    Last but not least, 'Floormasters'
    I dont think there was anything more annoying that being near the end of Spirit or Forest Temple then simply getting picked up and
    having to start right at the beginning of that temple.

  • FLOORMASTERS!!!! I actually found a way to beat them... slashing them with your sword. ^o^ but i found that if you avoid them there not a big problem (Duh)

  • I suppose the Moblins. But it's always fun to get payback -- funny how fast they go down with an unexpected bomb from above. XD

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  • Theres two enemies I hate, Ones actually a boss though.

    -Like Likes (Damn, Like Like stole my Yoshi T.T)
    -Bongo-Bongo (Let's face it, that boss room was dark and depressing. Maybe I should teach children how to play music in there! ^o^)