• I like listening to things. Though, for some reason, I only really started getting into podcasts about a year ago. Here are the ones I listen to, which ones do you listen to?

    The Ancient World - http://podbay.fm/show/517589332

    A history podcast which discusses the very origins of human civilization. From the ancient Sumerians to the very earliest years of the Roman republic. In particular, the episode discussing the rise of democracy in Athens is fucking good. The show is actually over now, but then he started a new show! That one was about the history of people discovering ancient history. It is also over! Currently he's doing a series called "Bloodlines" which I'm really enjoying. It traces a lineage from Cleopatra (last independent ruler of Egypt who committed suicide after her capitol was conquored by the Romans), and will eventually wends its way down through the generations to Zenobia. The warrior queen of Palmyra who almost took Egypt back from the Romans.

    The History of Rome - http://podbay.fm/show/261654474

    A history podcast with a fairly obvious focus. It goes all the way from the mythical founding of the eternal city by Romulus and Remus, all the way to the fall of the Western empire. It's honestly a pretty phenomenal podcast.

    Harmontown - http://www.harmontown.com/category/podcasts/

    A comedy podcast where Dan Harmon sits on a stage and gets drunk for 2 hours. It's pretty amazing. I'm a stupid helpless fanboy of Dan's.

    This Feels Terrible - http://podbay.fm/show/535677158

    Holy shit TFT is good. It's been sitting at episode 66 for ages now, but Erin swears up and down that she's going to get it started back up again.

    The basic format is as follows: Eric McGathy brings on a guest, and they talk about the worst, most fucked up romance stories from that person's history. You learn an awful lot about Erin along the way. She's a fascinating person. And as a man nearing his 30th birthday, who has spent most of his adult life in very successful relationships, I can honestly say that I've learned more about how to be in a relationship from this podcast than I've learned from any other source. (except, ya know, all the stuff I learned from actually being in a relationship). TFT is a must listen IMHO.

    Human Conversation - http://www.feralaudio.com/show/human-conversation/

    I'mma be honest, this is my least favorite podcast I listen to. As much as I love and respect Erin McGathy, I cannot fucking stand her co-host, Wayne Federman. None the less, I listen to it, because I like to keep up with Erin's projects.

    I'm currently on the last 10 episodes of History of Rome. Then I'll have a few weeks worth of catching up to do with my other podcasts, then I'll need to find a new one. So I'd be interested to know if any of you have suggestions.

  • I don't really listen to podcasts often. In the spanish side of the cavern forums, one of our members had a podcast going. It was actually pretty nice to listen two. That first episode got me by surprise and I still treasure it dearly as it is trip from the origin of La Leyenda de Hyrule and how much we've gone through.

    Other than that I am like "Mel" in flight of the Coords and listen to poisonpoprocks YT channel podcast.
    I'd love to link you but Chrome keeps crashing when I try to load Youtube. Maybe @Sardonic Pickle can post for me a link to their playlist or a funny one.
    Sorry. :-(

  • Hello everybody! After viewing this post, I too decided to give this 'Poison Poprocks' show a chance. While at first it appeared that the second host is a little strange, I found him strangely charming. I have gone through a lot of time and bandwidth to find out just what makes this guy 'appealing'. I began by watching back on the previous episodes of this 'poison poprocks' show, where I did manage to find not just a couple, but many moments in which this "Dave" fellow showed potential to be both humerus and knowledgeable. After continuing my journey through the rabbit hole of 'Dave's potential' I found myself on one of his personal channels in which he reviews video games, using different characters to represent the different sub cultures of 'video gamers'. While he obviously lacks the resources to produce high quality content visually, the content itself proved to be quite entertaining and creative. Truly a great example of what you can do without a high budget. Again, through these videos I did find him growing increasingly charming, and quirks and nuances began to grow on me. Being able to show a great deal of work into writing his reviews and sketches, while still showing out takes and moments of improvised banter, shows a level of reality and almost vulnerability that a lot of youtubers are generally afraid to show. This almost breaks down the wall between the characters and us as the viewer, making him seem accessible and pleasant. I found that the more I watched and the more I saw of his personal side, through these small slips of 'vulnerability' it almost seemed that I was growing attached to him as a friend more than an entertainer in my computer screen, and soon it became like I was watching an old friend. I later moved back to the channel in discussion, the "poison poprocks review" and found that his performance on the show was not just entertaining but a window into their personalities. I found myself watching episode after episode, and after each one not only did I find out about some weird movie they watched, but also more about them and their likes and dislikes. While at first I didn't care about these guys and their stupid opinions, I discovered that I was now watching it as if I was hanging out with a couple of buddy's who are telling me about a weird movie they had just watched, and I believe this is where their appeal is. While in my group of friends there are people who I agree with and disagree with, people who are weird and people who are seemingly normal, when we all come together we always have a great time, especially when we have disagreements. I think that watching these different people, who differ from me and each other, is some how comforting and it makes sense that these two people would have such different dynamics. Because they're buddies, just like me and my mates. They never come across as actors in a paid gig, no, just two dudes hanging out. I think this is where I think I prefer Dave to the other guy. The first guy seems to be trying to force the show along sometimes and give it structure, while Dave just seems like a good mate making conversation. Though, like with Dave's personal channel, it's the candid moments that show their human side that keep me watching, and I suggest you keep watching too, Link Skywalker. They're rad dudes just doing their thing and having fun, and that's what I like in my life.