"Zelda is your..."

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    In the opening to A Link to the Past, as your uncle lay dying, his last words are "Zelda is your..."

    He never finishes that sentence, and to my knowledge, there's no official source identifying what he would have said. So how does that sentence end?

    Perhaps the most boring possibility is "destiny." Fuck that possibility.

    As a Star Wars kid, I always kinda thought it was "sister," which would actually be neat. The whole "surprise family member" thing is a bit cliche now, but it would be a pretty dramatic and surprising shift in the two character's presumed relationship.

    Any other possibilities?

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    I remember how big of a thing this used to be. Many theories had some justification in this unfinished sentence.

    At the time I didn't know what to think, I thought it would be something boring like "duty" or "priority", haha.

    I think even destiny leaves more room to play around than my choices, hahahah.

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    "Duty" is actually interesting to me. In LttP, Link is descended from the order of royal knights. It implies a kind of intimate, hereditary fealty. He was literally born to fight for her.

    Regarding your spoiler...yeah, somewhere in the back of my mind I thought that might be the case. It's disappointing. "Destiny" is the absolute least interesting possibility.

  • To be honest, the uncle never really had a point to the game, probably this was just to bug off Nintendo fans or more specifically Zelda fans to assume that Link has an actual family? Then again, we all know that his mother and father was killed during a dark age of Hyrule (Link to the Past) and in which he was left in the Kokori Forest (Ocarina of Time). However, I'll let the fan base decide~