"Mario Kart" series

  • I mean, as a series, I think Mario Kart has as much life in it as the Mario series itself. Perhaps even a little more. Racing is literally the oldest human game there is.

    Specifically though, I think the SNES Mario Kart is pretty much a dead game for me. I've never really been a fan of racing games to start with, but the faux-3D, Mode 7 racing games on the SNES are the worst for me. I can't play either this, or F-Zero worth a damn.

    Doublde Dash is my favorite.

  • I don't know. ThougH I am enjoying the WiiU version a lot. I miss some characters as I fill there are too many peaches and Marios, but I really find neat the newer coups and characters. They really helped return to the game for a second wave.
    Mario kart 64 is the one I always return to, even with its outdated looks the tracks are still a lot of fun.

    Doublde Dash is my favorite.

    I missed double dash. :(