3DS won't charge.

  • I don't know why the hell this is happening, but it is, and it pisses me off. I tried everything to try and charge my 3DS, but it won't charge. I usually charge it with the charging dock since the charging port got a small dent next to it and the regular charger wouldn't work. But now neither the AC Adapter nor the charging dock work. I adore this handheld and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me.

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  • I'm not too familiar with the 3DS specifically, but can you run it when it's plugged in?

    If you can play it when it's plugged into an outlet, but it won't charge at all, then it's almost certainly the battery. I did some googling, and it looks like a new battery is usually less than $10. I'd usually recommend going with first party hardware if you can. (As in, get it directly from Nintendo). As a general rule of thumb, repairing consumer electronics with parts produced by a third party tends to produce a fair amount of problems.

    If the 3DS doesn't run when it's plugged in...well it still might be the battery. But I might try using a different charger, and making sure there isn't any significant damage to the charger port.

  • If you have another 3DS or a friend with one try using your charger with it to see if tyhe problem is the charger.
    This may sound silly but have you tried different outlets? It could be the base at fault and not the charger or console.

    The way I see it either there is something interrupting the circuit (malfunction in outlet, charger or console) or your battery has been screwed for some reason.
    Either way best of luck with that. there are Youtube tutoriales apparently promising to help you fix it yourself but I wouldn't recommend you to rush to open your console and void your guarantee.
    Maybe it is easier to just send it directly to Nintendo if there is a repair number close to you.

  • I tried reseating the battery and that still didn't work. I have used 3 different chargers and that didn't work either, so I'm pretty sure it's a battery problem. I've used a ton of outlets and that didn't change anything. The 3DS can turn on and play just fine, the only problem is that it won't charge. I'm going to ask my step-dad for help and if things come to it I'm going to have to buy a new 3DS battery. I'll reply back here to inform everyone of results.

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  • Update: Found the problem. There was a piece of metal that came off from the charging port and into the port, blocking off the entrance. We got it out and it started working again! I'll close this thread now that the problems has been solved.

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