The PS3 Song

  • Very Good Insight into the PS3,


    I don't even have a PS3, i don't even want one, i'd rather have an Xbox 360 because at least then i am getting what i pay for, not some blu-ray modded up PS2 (The PS2 still has remarkable graphics, even surpassing the Wii in some aspects, take a look at Final Fantasy 10)

  • I'll go for a 360 but it burns out pretty quick. Wii doesn't have the best graphics(Even though they are a couple steps up for Nintendo) but the Wii does a awesome games/gameplay. And it has a new style of controller instead of buttons and thumbsticks.

    Anyways, this is a funny song. It is pretty true and to the point.

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  • This is so over-biased.


    This ignorant video makes a straw man by downplaying the power and features of the PS3 to just having a limited library of games to make the PS3 features weaker and more limited, when the Wii actually has the same problem, as does every other damn console when it's still new. If you're attempting to make an argument, which this is, only a clearly fallacious one, please leave your personal opinion and obvious bias out it.

    This thread is locked for stupidity.