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    I think that homosexuals are born the way they are. The main reason I think this is because of my half brother Jason, who happens to be gay. I know for a fact that my father isn't gay, and my other 1/2 brother, Shawn, is also heterosexual, and is even married and has a son. Because of this, I find it hard to believe that all homosexuals are "raised" into such a lifestyle.

    What I meant by "raised" was the surroundings of a person while growing up influencing one's sexual personality. Having no father, hanging around girls too frequently, or other factors. It can also be a choice based on personal experience or something of the like. ie. Having no luck with women so deciding to turn to men, or maybe even just to make their life more exciting. I don't know... try asking them.

    And, if your father was gay, then he wouldn't even be a father unless he adopted you. :P

    According to my religion, they are committing a horrible sin... but that doesn't mean I cannot accept them as a person. I am not passing judgment on them, and I shouldn't be, because God is the only one allowed to.

    Being gay has become completely taboo nowadays and is often used as insults or used to describe something very unpleasant, primarily for guys. "You fag" or "That's ****in gay", etc. I've never heard a girl be called a lesbian (or the derogatory term for lesbian women like "faggot" for gay men is "dyke") because they complimented another girl's clothes or something of that nature. They can get away with stuff like that.

    Another thing I'm concerned with is homophobia. While I'm obviously not going to hang out with flamboyantly gay men, some guys are very quiet about their sexuality and you could probably have some gay friends and not even realize it unless they say it. The same thing applies to girls.

    I'm not really concerned with homosexuals overall; I'm more interested in why they chose or were raised into that particular lifestyle.

    Yes, your referrer is the person who asked you to join, which, in your case, was indeed Tywar. If you found this forum of your own accord, then you can put the name "Twistkill", aka "Best member ever", "Staff member who will revolutionize this place for being so cool", or "Sexiest man on EH". :P

    See ya around.

    They don't have problems, they usually can do everything a PC can do except for gaming.

    So... your point here was what? They can do everything a PC can do, so why would I spend more money on a machine that does the same things on my old computer? It doesn't make any sense.

    Plus, formats for the Mac are harder to comply with than Windows... hence the lack of games. Although there are Intel-based Macs with a program called BootCamp that can run Windows for gaming, this means you also need to buy a Windows CD to get that feature... unless you have spare one, of course. Either way, you're still using Windows for the gaming.


    The best choce for art, and for video editing, creating. Great defense.

    Read above...


    And may I remind you all that, Windows Vista was just trying to copy the successful Mac OS. Mac already had everything Windows worked to get.

    Yes, but this doesn't relate to an argument that Macs are better.

    1 was answered...

    2) If you put the numbers as their full words (eight, five, etc) they are in alphabetical order.

    3) The woman was pregnant, gave birth in the car, and died in the process. The stranger was the baby.

    4) The time and date will be 01:01:01 on 01/01/01.

    1) Yes, I was giving you a lecture... let's go with that. Even though it was far from the actual truth, I'll accept that as the intent of my message. (.__.)

    2) Okay, that's fine... but the fact remains that you cannot and probably will never get over him. Will you cry over him when you're an adult? Even though, at that point, if you're still crying over a dog you lost when you were younger, you're considered a child due to immaturity.

    3) That's because they're adults and do not understand why you're mourning him. Yes, I was definitely sad when we had to give away a dog we had years ago named Buddy... did I become entirely emotional for years after it happened? I accepted that death is a natural part of life when I was your age... but you're apparently unable to do that.

    4) I've lost numerous family members as well, ya know... no one is excepted from this.

    I get yelled at by my parents for entirely unreasonable things, too. Even stuff like not picking up a napkin off the floor or doing something petty like a broom breaking on accident warrants being yelled at in my house.

    CAPS LIKE THIS and saying ****ity ****ing ****ity **** **** ****tard everywhere is really not doing anything except show your inability to have a reasonable discussion.

    1) I actually never said that I don't want you here, you said that you hate this place yourself... don't pin this on me.

    2) Okay, Midnight protected you... wonderful dog, of course.

    3) That's because they're right. Even if Midnight was more than a dog and a friend to you, we're talking about an animal here. Mourning continually, and self-inflicted pain, then crying for attention on here is anything short of stupidity, considering the event happened so many years ago. I lost both of my grandparents years ago, whom I loved being with, but you don't see me whining about them all the time, do you?

    Seriously, I suggest you go see a counselor. If your parents disapprove, then do something else other than hurting yourself all the time and then telling us about it as if it's some huge soap opera. What the hell do you expect us to do?

    You are mentally unstable. I didn't go and try to hurt myself after a ****ing pet died. You're 12 years old, for God's sake, and you can't do this shit to yourself any longer, especially over a dog. Yes, you considered him your best friend... but mutilating yourself over this is really, really stupid.

    Besides, you hate this place now... you said it was shit. Now you're asking us for help?